ROME, August 22, 2012 – A bad night in Turin: Bonucci and Pepe smile this morning, there is still anxiety about the fate of Conte. Transpires pessimism about the judgment of the Federal Court of Justice: “We aim to acquittal,” swore the lawyers. 

CONTE IN ANXIETY – Ten months was worth it. Remains a little light on the discount of two months, a mirage of four and archiving of non-reporting of Novara-Siena. The lawyer Chiappero has hoped in the appeal: the node is the heartfelt speech of Conte before the match, irreconcilable with a combine. It reads: “… it is evident that the motivational speech described by all those present at the technical meeting pre-match is in contrast to that of a Conte that reassured the group  on a  already agreed  draw. But Carobbio, July 10, to the prosecutor also remember the motivational speech of all technical …. can you believe it?, screams with the logic: it is evident that a person with common sense can not reassure first his players on a agreed draw and immediately engage in an emotional speech to urge the boys to victory. The declaration of Carobbio is illogical and as such incredible … “. Already under study (hypothetical) appeal of TNAs, as a matter of urgency (mid-September), with a lot of possibilities for an injunction if the timing of the proceedings before the Court of Arbitration for Sport, at the Coni, should go for longer. 
BONUCCI AND PEPE – He brought luck the first Roman holiday. Yesterday Bonucci and Pepe were again to the former Youth Hostel. Look-like the last time, to look into the eyes of Palazzi. They were not shaken. At 9.30 landed at the Foro Italico, entered in silence, smiling. And so – unlike Conte the day before – remained in the courtroom. Pepe attentive, imperturababile, fixed on the labial of the Federal Prosecutor. Bonucci flipped and re-flipped all the cards of his destiny. To find, in the use of his acquittal, a stain, a mistake. Shook his head but did not seem upset at the end was still smiling, but abandoned the process at 11.40. Leaving behind the appeal and at the bottom of all the contradictions of Andrea Masiello, “Does not contradict himself – swears Palazzi – but it still gives a higher detail of  the facts. The fact that Bonucci was in training camp with the national team is not an alibi, Masiello had the opportunity to talk about the proposal alterative in the bus. And it is unlikely his resentment. ” 

Source: Il Corriere dello Sport (article by Abbate-Pinna)

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