You see Domenico Berardi and then … you pack your bags. Massimiliano Allegri knows this, and how he knows it. Away from Milan, slapped by that boy with the clean face and with a left the envy of many. Four slaps printed on the face, four judgments that do not forgive. If desired, even four gems of rare beauty. Matter of perspective. That of Max Allegri is dark as the night in Reggio Emilia.

It’s January 12, 2014. Milan comes out with broken bones from Mapei Stadium, loses 4 to 3 against Sassuolo and the day after exonerates the Tuscan coach. Berardi, Berardi, Berardi and again Berardi. He has dreamed this many times, Max Allegri. The last image at the head of Milan and the exultation, repeated four times, of the young striker who – coincidentally – wearing a shirt so dear to him. 2007/08 season, with Allegri in the bench Sassuolo hits a historic promotion to Serie B. Smiles and pains, weaves a career that to the neroverde color will be forever linked.

And to Berardi? Also, especially. Yesterday a predestinate, today a small champion, tomorrow who knows. Because the lively and talented boy reappeared in a dream to Allegri. They call it destiny: Berardi and Allegri could soon find themselves. New humiliation? Nah, do not worry. Because Allegri – that at the helm of Juventus has already canceled the night of the poker – is preparing to welcome in rose just his worst nightmare. But first he will tremble again for another season.

On the 25th of June, in fact, Sassuolo and Juventus have reached an agreement for the card of the player, who as sold entirely to company of Squinzi. Juventus, who had initially decided to redeem him, but it has guaranteed the right to buy back: next year, the Bianconeri will regain his card for 18 million euro. Because Max is waiting with open arms Berardi. But this time will only caress.

adapted an article by Fabio Tarantino –