They came with the gallows, all to spit sentences, all to blame and guillotined the current player. For years, from after “Moggi scandal”, the bianconeri fans, criticize (and how much they criticize), speak bitterly, spit truth. They are the new “heroes” in the negative, all coaches, presidents, sports directors. The truth is one: if you do not let the team work in peace, we do not get anywhere. When we win all are phenomena: “look what a player, we are a super squad, this year we win the league easy”, we lose and they are all “pitcher”. Now, one of two things. 

 In between, however, there must be a lot of patience, humility, desire to praise the players on the field (even if wrong) we want to support the Bianconeri, with force, but without excessive heat. So reasons who wants to become great . Not wanting to grow up all at once. One step at a time, climbing stairs slowly. Capacity to suffer together, always to applaud, not to criticize in advance those who make mistakes. To reach the stars must have planted their feet on the ground, we do not get there by divine will. 

 Marotta criticized, primarily, for the recruitment drive, and then praised only to be knocked down again from the castle. De Ceglie, praised and promoted by Juventus tifoso only to be insulted and mistreated at the first error (it is now on the bench and everyone is happy). Grosso, called loudly after the failure of the young black and white, ridiculed again, with people who would like Ziegler. We are in the paradoxical. Insatiable, insatiable and whiners, is that what has become a Juve fan. 

Not to mention Elia hailed as the purchase of the century to replace Giaccherini (which has always done his job well, but does not fit precisely becuase his called: Giaccherini), and now treated as a bi.n for a glimpse of the game played not well. And now Chiellini becomes a nag? One to kick, that makes us take a goal, one that is not for Juve because makes mistakes in two games. Do you remember Giovinco? When he was at Juve everyone said was too small, he was not the heir of Alex, who had no personality. Then guillotined by the square, began to whistle and sent to Parma. Then you know how that story ended? That Giovinco scores goals and all want him back, even those who have “crapped” him. Why? Simple. 

 Always criticizing and then praise him when he plays well. In London, Manchester, Barcelona, Madrid, however, the players need to be applaud even when they make mistakes. Yet we also are in Europe or not? Ah but we forget that the captain was criticized when he could not score more from open play after the injury, not to mention a certain Zidane was called “nag” by many fans who understand football. It much easier to prostitute themself when the player has become a champion. 

 There is no time, or all or right away, or play well or you are out. Well, it does not work this way! To build a cycle it takes patience, the glories of the past are long gone, the Juve fan still talks about interceptions, Moggi, Moratti, phone calls etc etc. Six years have passed and still we talk about these things? How about a marriage over and always speak to your new wife on the former! So no one will give nothing back. What we won on the field we know and no one can ever take away. No court or person acting for him. But if you do not want to go forward, if we talk about the past at every little obstacle, then something is wrong! 

 Life goes on, to build something great, we have to forget the past and live in the present if not always live with regrets. Forget Juve that was , the successes, the immeasurable joys, the great victories are wonderful memories, but we have to leave this aside to live in the best possible way the present. 

 Leave the small and easy criticism of defects for the great and difficult criticism of beauties. 

 by: Antonio Michele Paladino adapted by:Mike Prise