The match against Chievo showed two fundamental factors. 

First, the opposing teams want to block Pirlo and they’ll do it with the good and the bad. The former AC Milan is the number one threat and is reserved a high pressing and systematically double with foul, pressure and everything else. In short, a treatment to secure relief. 

The second element, is the attitude. Bologna, Catania and Chievo played behind the ball line and created problems to the bianconera movement. In all three games Juventus could’ve win, but was unable to find the right crack. Especially with Catania and Chievo the maneuver was less smooth. With the Bologna the extenuating circumstances have done their part. 

In the future will be essential to find a way to find threads of game that does not necessarily pass from Pirlo and especially the way to unlock the game against those who closes like a clam, we think that the Genoa also will be presented at Juventus Stadium tightly closed. 

It takes a stroke of genius, of who takes the field or who sits on the bench, to Conte a week to find new counter-moves. 

 by: Massimo Pavan
adapted by: Mike Prise