TURIN Juventus and Lazio, or the opposites that touch each other. To join Turin and Rome at the moment is the ranking. It is no small thing, considering that the men of Antonio Conte not played a game in hand of their rivals, then on the moral side can be considered the true frontrunner. To split the two teams, however, is their very essence. Because Juve is really trying to beat new paths for our football, as Arrigo Sacchi – Examiner of Reja’s team said is Klose dependent while Conte has many more arrows to his arconon tender – has repeatedly recognized towards the Juventus coach. This translates into a constant: Andrea Pirlo and colleagues always try to impose their game without, and this is in some ways most striking, lose their effectiveness on defense. While Lazio is built in the tradition, pragmatic as his technician: he gives the best in the open field, that is when the opponent is always expected and then hit him in the spaces on the counter-atacks. To get them on a collision is finally course of calendar , on Saturday will put them against each other in a match that will be a test for both. 

THE NUMBERS Taking the best of each other and the championship would be already over, because Juve is lethal at home: 14 points made (two draws against Bologna and Genoa were pretty random) and as many goals as assets, almost 2, 5 per game. The same road map of Lazio, but with the particular that is made by the Biancocelesti away from Rome: 4 wins, 2 draws and 11 goals scored. Reversing the factors, the product is almost the same. Juve scored very little away from home, but Lazio at the Olimpico. In short, to listen to the previous games, Saturday’s game will be balanced but not necessarily fun, while the return promises to be even now, a fireworks display. 

 THE PANZER Lazio-Juventus, however, can not be confined only in statistics. That can help you understand what has happened so far, for example, that if Klose doesn’t score the Biancocelesti are in serious trouble. In fact to take the spotlight this week will be the physicians of Lazio, called to recover the outstanding striker which Claudio Lotito (chapeau) has had the ability to get paying nothing. The chances of a recovery of the German (no Naples in Saturday) is estimated at around 80%, while Andre Dias going to go down to 40-50% and Abdoulay Konko, the victim of a muscle injury to San Paolo, only today will have a diagnosis. Needless to say that Reja will give up peacefully to the last two (in defense has alternatives) in order to be able to count on his bomber. Especially considering the continuing goal-less of Djibril Cissé, who does not score in the league since September 2. 

 THE SPARKS The arrows to the bow of Conte are objectively more. Alessandro Matri is a potential capocannoniere in the entire Serie A, Mirko Vucinic (Saturday to the first reappearance at the Olimpico after five seasons in red and yellow) a “special” player, Simone Pepe lives since the beginning of the championship a state of grace and Claudio Marchisio start of the season is more in the vein of the great midfield-striker of Europe (at Gerrard for instance). On the organization of play and the amplitude of the team. To be picky the only fault that can be charged so far for Juve is not have scored that much far from Juventus Stadium. Just the opposite for Lazio. Once again, the opposites meet. And Saturday will spark.

source:tuttosport.comadapted by: Mike Prise