This football so often seen at television and talked requires professionals to “talk to him”, with the risk of falling into trivial and obvious statements. This is certainly not the case of Antonio Conte, a few days grappling with the first press conferences incurred in the guise of new Juventus leader.

The former captain is not really a great orator, no one claims the other hand, this is not his role, so we do not worry about the fact that he repeats a little too songs of phrases like “no doubt”, or “quotation marks “, then maybe when it does not put quotation marks nothing definite, more than enough can make himself understood very well, especially by his players, expressing clear and meaningful concepts.

Has happened is also in Bardonecchia, on the afternoon of relaxation that has been the prologue to the team presentation. It was the first time I heard his press conference in full and I must admit that at times I felt authentic shivers of excitement on the skin. “How is the Juventinita transmitted forward?” he was asked. Answer: “Who has been for a long time at Juventus even sends it only through his breath.” 

Wonderful! In other words, Juve is something that’s left inside, and supports you and you will never forget. A definition to be framed that Antonio has said together with additional goodies, such as the call to Del Piero and Buffon with which promises to be severe since he expects from them a big help just to send troops the Juventinita mentioned above. By example, if anything, more than with the breath from the two big meant a lot when the captain’s armband was on Conte’s arm and when all three won together with this shirt.

For Juve now is “what must be, not what it was”: that was the other emotional bomb dropped by Mister, much more than just a slogan without any carelessly thrown there, but a real end summary of what will be the Juventus season revival of the desired priority, pronounced with the fiery eyes of the warrior of many battles spent. In these words Conte is that juventino we know deeply. Antonio has reiterated, in fact, that the spirit that should animate the team comes before any tactics reasoning , and focused on this aspect work done so far as much in the early days of pre-season training camp. 

In which, however, Conte did not fail to begin to explain his strategic belief, that 4-2-4 which can be made ​​possible mainly by well-organized movements of the wingers and even more balance arend general that the team will have to find. Suggestive the reference to Barcelona, in which “seven out of eleven players do not defend, but the team wins.” From this statement it transpires, however, the coach Conte, with well-established and supported ideas with conviction and a touch of cockiness, which probably does not hurt too much after the blows inflicted by the trend of Juventus self-esteem seeing last two seasons. 

From the prudence of Ranieri, that of Del Neri, however, serious of professionals who knew only by hearsay what it means to be part of Juve and being a Juventino , to the determination of Antonio, who demands so much from society also from the players to help him make again present the equation that contains the essence of the Juventus world : Juventus = Winning.  Is now time to hear this being repeated so hard, although the hoarse cries voice from the firsts training fields of Mister combine perfectly the past and the future of Juventus He can trust him! 

by Carlo Vassotto.                 
adapted by Mike Prise