Now the big game has started. Are participating AC Milan, prescriti, Juventus, Napoli, Lazio and Rome. All are in search of the right players to strengthen their team in January. Is a super-challenge between the teams because if a team is strengthened and the other is not, the cards could be decisive for the race for the top positions. 

 Juventus look for suitable players that can raise the quality level of a team that was the first until a week ago and is now the fourth, but with a game to recover. What is missing in the team is not easy to say. At the beginning of the season seemed to be a central defender, right now, the defensive uncertainties may be gone, but it would be appropriate to protect part of the second season that will definitely not be easy.

 Priority therefore: a central defender and a fullback, although the attack may reveal some surprises, especially if some of the branches will be cut off the team. It will be important, as mentioned, to see what Milan and prescriti will do. The first definitely will take a striker (Maxi Lopez?), then certainly a surprise hit. prescriti definitely will spend. For the prescriti a central defender, midfielder and a striker because if Moratti does not get in the top three will demobilize, so will play the whole budget.

 There would be then also the Naples, but much will depend on the qualification of the Neapolitan in the Champions League. In short, the challenge is made, big game hunting is open and the muzzle to transfers in January is launched.

by:Massimo Pavanadapted by:Mike Prise