Berlin here we come!  Get ready!
Berlin here we come! Get ready!

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Allegri is enjoying Juve unlimited “We are very well”

Sharpening it’s own strength: that’s what Juventus is bringing following trip after trip, from Madrid and Rome and soon in Berlin. Allegri scrutinizes his team and smiles, satisfied with his tranquility. Players look in the mirror and feel good and just, perfectly suited to the needs of the moment: “We know that the logic says to bet on Barcelona, but also that we have the quality to beat anyone. Including Barcelona, “ said Giorgio Chiellini after lifting, as captain, the Italian Cup: matches that pass (even those with no utility, type that of San Siro against Inter) reinforce beliefs and we can say that now Juventus is at its best.

“Yes, we’re very well,” confirms Allegri. The right team at the right time. What works is fairly obvious: the character, the strong personality, the tactics sensitivity, the technical evolution, the overall robustness, ease of scoring, the harmony between the parties, the wealth of alternatives. Going into details, Allegri is rubbing his hands with the progress of Vidal and Pirlo, who this season have almost never live up to their potential, Pirlo because of a series of niggling injuries (and a general physical decline sometimes showy: moreover Tuesday turned 36 years old) and the Chilean because of a slew of problems. But they are finding their shape right now and even Vidal is coming back to have the importance it had in the years of Conte, to the point that Marotta has taken off the market with a joke a bit overwhelming but significant: “Vidal will never go to Real Madrid because Juve is better than Real.”

Allegri has already decided the formation of Berlin and this will be helpful to clarify: will play with the 4-3-1-2 from Madrid, which cuttings. May change his mind, and consequently the module, only if the shape of one of the midfielders will drop at the point of making unpresentable, but Vidal and Pirlo has been said and as well Marchisio is in dazzling conditions. Here: the question is , if anything, Pogba, has some rust and maybe even some qualms wearing after missing nearly two months. After the muscle injury of Dortmund. The French seems rigid, almost restrained, as frightened. In Madrid he played with awe, even if he was decisive with the assist to Morata. In Rome was the worst of his and not surprisingly was the first replaced. Allegri will work on to resuscitate his muscles and his moral, currently very opaque. Not even Tevez doesn’t shine, who doesn’t score from open play since April 29 (3-2 to Fiorentina in Serie A) and that, above all, seems to have lost the magic touch. Keeps playing generous and expensive games , running in every area of ​​the field, but for some time he misses the goal, as if the talent was the victim of a fog.

Allegri will keep him at rest tomorrow against Napoli, when the holders in the field will be quite a few (for sure Buffon, Marchisio and Morata, who were not in the Italian Cup final): will see Ogbonna, Padoin, Sturaro, Pereyra, and perhaps also Asamoah, who has finally recovered from a knee injury.

Tomorrow the team will receive the cup and then the league will celebrate clubbing together with all employees of the club. The appointment was ironically set at 22:33 in reference to Juventus League Titles.

adapted an article @ La Stampa