Changing the mentality of the product changes.

Nine months from that four to one at home,Juventus and especially Antonio Conte has been able to reverse the trend of the past and those who recently trimmed a 4-1 .

Bravo Conte has already managed to pass the juventinita’.

Pepe ran like crazy, and Vidal enters and gives the soul. 

Is only the first game, so be mindful of the victories of Ferrara and the victory in Udine last year we are quiet, calm and grounded and steadfast, but this team has shown at least one thing: a good game with fun for the public, which did not happen for a long, long time, this we can admit.

A alchemist Conte who knows whhich is the right potion , for a Juventus Swiss-Italian , 10 Italians out of the first 11. A Italian Juventus as his stadium, Prandelli will be happy but the Federation? 

They won’t, they prefer to associate them with teams like inter that reverse the herbal ingredients, 10 foreigners and an Italian, so it’s nice. 

Football is strange and strange are the powers that run it. 

by Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise