I am still undecided… who is that real Top Player that we need?
In his year and a half of Plenipotentiary of the Juventus market, Beppe Marotta has revealed unquestionable virtue but also old vices. Among the virtues, certainly an innate skill at sniffing out low cost business (Barzagli, Pirlo) and operate on the market prospects for tomorrow (the last to arrive Curti and Leali, added to Beltrame, Magnusson, Sorensen). Vices, atavistic, we carry with us from the time of Blanc and Secco, cover a certain difficulty in dealing with players of a certain size (Dzeko, Aguero be confined to the most advertised) and the painful chapter of sells. To date Marotta has literally revolutionized the team that he inherited in June 2010, but has increasingly resorting to the instrument of termination of the contract (with generous severance payment attached), or waiting for the natural expiration of the contract. This is obviously the Extreme case when you want to prune the team, as at the end of the 2010 season many players had low market value. 

Also disposals at excellent figures, like Sissoko, neatly loans like Melo and Ziegler, and ultimately also the operation Diego, costing a loss of five million, with hindsight to be reviewed and reassessed in positive . 

But now, with a budget stretched to historical limits and a recapitalization largely committed to cover a and loss costly market transactions, must come out the true capabilities of Marotta, that performed well at Sampdoria as a skillful pruner. Amauri and Iaquinta, as well as Toni (excellent professional, Juventus fan, from the well-liked, but objectively to “cut”) must be disposed of without recognizing lavish sums of money as a resolution, even at no cost (after all, it is impossible to earn something), but not on a temporary basis or participating in the wages. If he decides to sell Krasic, it is done from a position of strength, and talked about as possible interlocutors (Chelsea and Borussia Dortmund) have the ability to spend. 

It’s time to stop with season of gifts. 

source: canalejuve.it 
adapted by: Mike Prise