You will have to work your ass out to prove all of us that you’re not just a playboy
Marco Borriello has started well, with great humility: “I feel like saying that I have never refused because Juventus is a club that you can not refuse. At the time the formula of the sale was preferred and therefore because not found a definitive agreement with AC Milan and then I have never refused to Juventus. For the fans I do not want to say anything because then the wind carry away the words, I prefer to show me in the field and to honor this shirt in the best possible way. ” 

Of course, the beautiful words are not enough to enter the heart and overcome the skepticism of fans.To do so, it will take many things, but we try to list five simplistically strict rules required at least to give it a try. 

Commitment: from all the fans want maximum commitment, dedication, race, effort and desire to fight for the shirt always from the first to the last minute. If Borriello wants to understand what we say he just has to take a video of Pavel Nedved, of the same Conte or Alessandro Del Piero. They are examples of constant and continuous commitment. 

Hunger: who is coming to Juve must be hungry. Who is not is mauled by the others. Borriello wants to be wolf or sheep? To him the answer, if he’s hungry he has to eat grass. 

Respect: Juve deserves respect and we will understand right away if yesterday words of Borriello, on the false rejection to Juventus, they are true or not. Respect is recognized from attitude, the behavior off the field, the respect of his teammates and rules. We have before us the example of Amauri, zero respect for fans and for Juventus, just want to win money, we hope that Marco Borriello is different and above all, to prove it. 

Humility: to Juventus, Marco Borriello comes as the fifth striker having in front of him Matri, Del Piero, Vucinic and Quagliarella. Borriello will have to be good to climb positions and roles and with humility making himself available, accepting exclusions, benches and grandstands. 

Juventinita’: the Juventinita‘ you can’t buy, you breathe it in Vinovo, the headquarters of Juventus and the environment. Who’s good, such as Andrea Pirlo, can understand and can jump right away in the heart. Borriello will have to be good to go early in the bianconero “mood” and maybe follow to the footsteps of former Rossoneri companion. 

source:; by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise