Here are the 5  JUVENTUS FLOPS
The Juventus fans are justifiably angry. And would like that Andrea Agnelli, would spend and spend. More money, much money, lots of money. The main problem is that the property has actually spent, but not OK. Very bad.
While waiting for the real Hits, promised by Marotta, let’s have a look on big flop of the old black and white leadership, in no particular order:
Jorge Andrade. Raise your hand if you remember this giant Portuguese. 9.75 million euros was paid. It was bought already broken. In the sense that it was bought like a cracked pot. After only three, only three games he broke himself definitively, once again, to send up in smoke almost a year. Juve took a while to carburetor with Legrottaglie because it was in sensational lifeline, after the failure deadly of Criscito by the genius of Ranieri;

Amauri. To Palermo Secco sent Nocerino, today in the national team and first change in midfield of Prandelli , plus a check. In total the 22.5 million euros were spent. And yes in the first three months in Turin Amauri brought an avalanche of points. Individual and massive goals. Then nothing. He spend all his light and Amauri has not ever recovered. We remember him well for the 362 days of fasting and performance without goal for the mind-boggling opponents …. Sent to Parma where he found the ideal environment, quiet and serene. He will even be a great striker, but the black and white jersey is something else. Now Marotta will so hard place him somewhere as a result of a monstrous engagement for more than 4 million euros;

Christian Poulsen. He was compared with Xabi Alonso and, rumors from the future, he was taken for real. From Liverpool to a figure close to 18 million euros. The regista searched by Juve for a long time since Deschamps. The regista who Juve has definitely found in Andrea Pirlo. Then Ranieri said a stroke of genius: “This is stronger than Sissoko” yelling at the press conference. He was paid 9.8 million euros. Marotta has managed the incredible thing to send him to Liverpool despite the 3.2 million euros of engagement. Sissoko was elected as a model … and here are the results, damn Ranieri;

Tiago. Together with Almiron should have build the midfield for Juventus who participated in the Second Company Tournament organized by Moratti & Associates. From Lyon with fury, paid 13 million euros, from the first league game Tiago was sent to the bench. Only 15 minutes for him, with Ranieri who, illuminated by some lightning, he sensed the importance of Cristiano Zanetti. Tiago was burned so quickly and since then was a constant ball to all coaches feet. Marotta will now have to decide: give or… give him as a gift to Atletico Madrid?

Jorge Martinez. Bought to boost the formation of Del neri, has managed to bring down the plane with all passengers on board. Marotta made just 12 months ago, a sensational topical: 12 million for Catania. Few appearances, no goals and an average vote that I do not write out of respect for the person. To date, it is not clear yet what could be his future still in Catania, lent or sold off for a few million?
I forgot someone? Of course I did. Diego and Molinaro, Marco Motta and many more.