16:50 hours. I power the TV, a can of Coca-Cola and sit on the sofa. Juve’s first seasonal: DO NOT MISS.
15:00 on the following Sunday (yesterday, note): other way out of Juventus. Another occasion to open a new can of Coca-Cola.
For the first time the man expected has not played, at least for me. When he began in Bari I enjoyed seeing the special RaiTre. Now I can enjoy it after seeing about 300 matches with Juventus. I had missed the first two years on grounds of non-existence-of-pay-TV. I’m talking about Antonio Conte.
In this article we will try to figure out how he developed his 4-2-4 with the men available. Beyond jokes easy or easy enthusiasm to the mere result of the two matches (for the record, 12-1 and 6-1) is important to understand how the boys have assimilated the offensive ideas of the former captain of Juventus.
The first half of Juve?
When the formations are brought into play … a sinking heart. That black and white jersey on Andrea Pirlo I feel like doing two television subscriptions, so I’m sure not to miss a single minute of this extraordinary player. Then finally Matri and Quagliarella together.
Conte picks the first 11 in the first match s follows:

Buffon in goal; 

defensive line that sees, from right to left, Lichtsteiner, Sorensen, Chiellini and Grygera;
midfielders Pirlo and Pazienza; Krasic on the right, left Marchisio;
Quagliarella and Matri first striker.
In the second match Ziegler is the only new thing on the left instead of Grygera. Pretty much the starting lineup in less than incredible upheaval in attack (Aguero or Pepito Rossi) and on the left wing (a purchase will come of course).
I’m beginning to understand just what is the tactical module of the Conte from midfield up: in a sort of diamond – to force opponents fullbacks to stay on man, Marchisio and Krasic, the two midfielders that move in unison, forming an almost horizontal line tighten towards goal and being reined back if phases of non-possession to ensure good coverage of the field, then the two attackers.
 Below a little schematic of the 6 men of attack.
One of my first idea was already put the lie in the first 10 minutes of play. Pirlo does not move exactly as in Milan and in the National team, that is, the vertical line between the central defenders, but moves along with Pazienza. Rather it is the second striker, namely, Quagliarella, who moves between the two central midfielders, always in a vertical line.
 In this way, Conte gives the chance to play ball in at least four directions, the first half, have been consistently applied: the defender on support did not begin that action, the fullback, the second striker that is occupying the role of midfield or the winger of the trocar remains wide and always very high. In the next image here is a typical action maneuver with the ball into the feet of Pirlo: compared to last year it’s prevented the passage horizontal and dashed yellow line are shown the 4 steps that Conte requires to the ball carrier.
The idea is simply to find the best possible space to build the action
In this way, the offensive game of Juve develops as I had never seen in these five years. A few touches, many vertical balls very low and maximum depth guaranteed by movement of the first striker (always to attack the goal) and two wingers (one ready to receive the ball on the feet, the other part as a thunderbolt to receive if the cross would arrive). Conte is thus able to have 3 people constantly on the attack, the second striker to support Matri and two midfielders ready to go up near the penalty area. Matri and Quagliarella have talked to wonder and with Pirlo behind to dispense his magical balloons Juve has benefited in terms of speed, unpredictability and ability to consistently get to the shot on goal. The foregoing is summarized in the next graphic we see (in blue the movements required by Conte):
Is good to remind us: it is certainly Val di Susa and Lucento, but these are the movements here and in just 7 days the Conte footprint is clear, very clear. The 4-2-4 drawn in the first half of the two games is what I prefer, that is asymmetrical. If the right goes from fear, with Lichtsteiner is taking measures to Krasic (beautiful his interview after the first half) and with the Serbian seem not to undergo the fatigue of the preparation, on the left Marchisio provides more maneuverability and less speed and depth.
It is no coincidence that the best counter-attacks came from right and from left came the more reasoned balls. Marchisio, I love him there: has the dribbling, and has the quality needed to operate from outside left. It’s clear, however, that to support the idea of ​​the best football of Conte there is a need for a clone of Krasic.
Well Pazienza, but how clear he will be used only in the most ugly moments of the season. To confirm that with Conte is more reason here is a scheme from a corner, curiously all parties from the right with Krasic on the flag. That’s the image:
As you can see from the graphic it has happened several times that Pirlo went to meet Krasic and if there was space the ball came to the regista who then passed to the other midfielder or towards the area. Marchisio in this case went to the bezel outside the box ready to pick up the defense balls and the two strikers occupied the space limitations of the small area.
The second half without Pirlo 
The main difference of the two ways of interpreting the match between the first and second half is the absence of Pirlo. I swear that I will not listen to those who still raises more doubts about this world class, one that has no rivals in that position, maybe just Xavi. Without him, with Marrone and Felipe Melo (or Giandonato in the second match), Juve lose a lot of quality in the operation and start again the launches. It took a lot of Conte insults to force Bonucci and Barzagli to think and look for teammates with passes ball-ground. And indeed, after the first 10 minutes (in the first game), rather confused, because of new 11 (with the exception of Matri and Quagliarella), Juve has tried to play.
Good performance by Elio De Silvestro. I liked Pasquato in Modena (and Pasquato in the second match), and I think there will be room for young talent in the American trip (which seems confirmed by the official invitations from which they were excluded Melo and Amauri and Iaquinta and Sissoko. Well well Pepe put a little up a gear, also served poorly by the central midfield.
Alessandro Matri has slipped 3 +3, and his performance was still very heavy on both occasions, in the sense that this boy has grown so much, very much. Increasingly authoritarian and increasingly dangerous. Good the play with one-touch and good fellowship with Quagliarella. He ‘s always dangerous and if this year will be served properly can certainly confirm the good done in just 4 months of Juventus. In the second half, Juventus has suffered more than the first. Bonucci and Barzagli should be recorded, while Motta has once again confirmed serious defensive deficiencies. In contrast with flop mate from last season, Reto Ziegler has been entered into the mechanisms of Conte.
Will and drive to the left and two good attempts from the distance. If De Ceglie does not give a move the Swiss will blow his place. Luca Toni had two goals. To confirm that the organization of the game is all, his banks have been valuable to Matri first and Quagliarella after (back in the second half). If he is kept in team, as Matri deputy , will certainly be useful in certain games where you need specific weight up front. Some good actions which pass through his banks, not at least the goal at the end of the match of Pepe, with a beautiful ball of Quagliarella that has stood for quality that can dispense with the trocar. Special mention (but, unfortunately for him, useless!)
 For Felipe Melo, but Conte does not trust 100% of the Brazilian. In 45 minutes he did so, ran a lot, recovered satisfactorily and built quite good, but not sufficient for me. The will is there, but he is not a regista. And although the goal is not even a playmaker or an attacking midfielder. The non-call for the U.S. tour is a clear sign of failure.
With the formations rearranged in the second half there is little to report, but the good performance of the young juventini. To the point that there is a doubt and I ask myself the question then: agreed to take Pazienza? Or was it better to grow Giandonato in the shade of Pirlo? And above all, that Pasquato or that De Silvestro could not really make the quarter winger of Juve, that is the subject of Mister X to the left or on right of Krasic? In the U.S. toured we will have other confirmations.
Meanwhile, it appears that Conte has an idea of hierarchy within his first 11. Trivial to point Lichtsteiner and Chiellini and Krasic and Matri and Pirlo. Rather it indicated the constant presence alongside Chiellini of Sorensen who will not be held. Juve are looking for a central defender? It seems so. Bonucci and Barzagli have been tested together and the indication seems clear to me. Or play a seat next to Giorgione or both start from the bench. Another indication for the left wing. Marchisio can be there in case of difficulty, and absences, but as someone said it should be a specialist of those roles (such as Nani or Ribery, for instance).
Besides Andrea Pirlo it is needed at this point Vidal, one can build, chat, make the ban and go to the shot from outside the box. So it remains to understand the second striker: Quagliarella is motivated and in great shape (the goal in the second game is for film library). Pepito Rossi I like, I prefer Aguero, but put on the bench one like Fabio is a very tough!
source: iojuventino.net
by: IoJuventino
adapted by: Mike Prise