There’s a number that characterizes the latest of Juventus travels to Naples: the three. Collected three goals last year with Delneri. Three goals in a year earlier to stop the urge to Europe. Two goals conceded with one scored but a defeat in 2008, then three in total and three goals taken in 2007 with the famous penalty-kicks of Bergonzi guiding a match that was going to a draw. 

 The last draw in Serie A: 0-0, dates back to March 23, 1997. The last win for Juventus on 30 September 2000 with a 1-2 result with advantage to Naples with Stellone (N) 41′ (first half) , then with Kovacevic (J) 24 ‘ (second half) and Del Piero (J) 30’ (second half) and then back again to three. Sunday would be the case to repeat the story and prepare to get back from Naples with the first place still in pockets. It will not be easy because the trip to Naples is the most difficult of the entire season, but Conte and his boys can do it.

 They can play it until the end. To make the slam we must play with the same intensity seen in milano, and above all not to leave room for Naples who on the counterattack can hurt. Mazzarri loves restarts and if you leave room for Lavezzi, Cavani and Hamsik, ends badly. It’s up to the Wizard of Lecce, Conte, to find the right alchemy.

 by:Massimo Pavan adapted by:Mike Prise