After so many years we have won at San Siro, the victory with Ranieri a few years ago does not count, this counts. Counts a lot. It ‘a game of three points, but seeing how prescriti played matters a lot. prescriti played with heart in hand, has struggled. Juventus have scored, ha missed goal, conceded one, but wanted more to win. 

Conte in a short time has changed the team, from one group to a team,from little people to people foaming in the mouth. Now Juventus is a team that fights, tries, he can win or lose but gives everything. After the match against Genoa we had not criticized, we said, you can win, you can lose or draw, but the desire to fight is there, we lacked only the attention. Today the focus was there but we were confident, Juventus with the great was never wrong.

 If we can win with small we may fight to the end with Milan for big goals. In any case, a praise to Conte, now we go to Naples, Lippi’s Juventus won in Naples more often, is time to get back to healthy habits.

by:Massimo Pavan adapted by:Mike Prise