Sunday it aired on the comparison between two legendary numbers ten, Carlitos Tevez and Francesco Totti. Romantic and exciting challenge for all those who love football. A few years the difference between the two and some titles, with the Romanist palmares in a world title, while the Argentine many league titles, one Champions League and an Intercontinental.

Both have had to complain to the referee, Tevez highlighting how the referee had unnerved the protagonists, Totti, however, arguing that the worst refereeing and yet another aid to Juventus and calling for a championship only for the team of Turin . So many words, of course, unnecessary, indeed the sole and indissoluble judgment has arrived Sunday evening from the pitch.

In terms of goals Tevez won 2-1, but also in terms of performance there was no match with the Apache real thorn in the back of the Giallorossi, able from start to the end of the race to trouble the boys from Garcia. Passes, shooting, fight and passion. Totti, however, also because of the age has raised the white flag 30 minutes away from end, after being eclipsed at the end of the first half. Just as Totti disappeared, entered the scene Tevez and after the two penalties scored was able to get the corner from where was born Bonucci’s goal, action, that led to the corner indicative of the qualities of Apache: tough fight to the end.

In short, to date, the distances are clear, Tevez wins and by much, ten to zero … And not just on the pitch …

adapted in english an article of Massimo Pavan from