Saturday is not a game, but THE GAME For the black-white fans is the challenge between good and evil, between white and black-blue, between those who have won for years and those who did not win but after a certain episode won. In short, the challenge that no fan would ever want to lose. This year for the first time Juventus we will come in front and matters, it matters a lot. Will count a lot for the fans, for which there are at least 100 reasons to give 2000%. 

 1 – Winning for those who have played in Serie B: because those players, but also the fans should not be forgotten and if it was B is the fault mainly fueled by some popular opinion even if not primarily from Milano … 

 2 – Win for Moratti: to show him that he did not won first for a simple reason as now, those who make mistakes pay. If you give Eto’o and buy Forlan. if you buy … if you take Jonathan and Alvarez … if you take Rambert, Gresko, Kily Gonzalez and Van der Meyde, and Brncic and Taribo West where you want to go? 

3 – Winning for Zanetti: because he “lives in a world of wonders” with Alice and is the only one not to have noticed that Juve in 2006 was very strong, strange things we’ve seen since 2006 outside the field, not before . 

4 – Winning for those who “like it or not Inter did not call”: to show them that even without the votes of the Gazzetta you win the same … 

 5 – Winning for 11 million fans who have cried: are desperate for years and have an immense desire for revenge. They want to scream in the face to those who have humiliated that it was all fake and that Juventus is Juventus. 

 6 – Winning for Diogenes with the lantern: for all those who have studied the cards, have worked to bring out the truth, they deserve to be applauded infinite. 

 7 – Winning for Abete: because he can change and rewrite the history of farsopoli and show that errors can be remedied and compensate also economically. 

 8 – Winning for the “friends of the RCS”: to show them, because as prescriti-fans are born that maybe they were wrong to seek publicity for prescriti … and that the chickens that laid golden eggs are over 

 9 – Winning for the honor: because with precriti you play for the honor, there are people who claims to be world champion (not for long), demonstrating that their time is over. 

 10 – Winning because is the only thing that counts: because it’s nice to participate, winning and beating them but it is more, winning would put us in a position to say, this time we can get back to winning the war and not just a battle.