Last week we wrote in the midst of the euphoria of MondoJuve ten points to improve, because we can and we must always strive to improve. We tried the hair in the egg, in a sense we haven’t been bad prophets, but simply wanted to put in front of the mirror of realism. 

 Today, instead of reading the Juve obituaries here we want to find ten reasons to be confident, because we want balance in evaluations and even if with Milan will fail to reach the success will still be positive and believe that this team can fight for third place until the END, for better objectives, it will take the miracles of Harry Potter Conte. 

First: the “character”. At the end of the game with Bologna Antonio Conte had lost his voice, just like the fans at home. The team have two games running at breakneck speed and giving everything. This is the right character, if it is to win or lose but the attitude is ok. 

Second: Pirlo. I apologize for the feedback I had given in the transfer market, doubting the skills of Pirlo, but on the premises. Pirlo has once again proven to be a top player. Now comes the fun, finding alternatives to him not to encumber him too much pressure in all games. 

Third: the group. What beautiful hugs those to Krasic. How nice to be near Vucinic after a failure. The group is united and the words of Pepe as someone has readily manipulated in that direction. No one stands to lose, indeed we would always try to win. If he is “rosicone”, we are worse than him. 

Fourth: Unpredictability in front of goal. Seven times seven: forty-nine. There are seven different Bianconeri scorers. Lots of solutions and lots of capacities, call missing Del Piero, Quagliarella, Pirlo and defenders. Someone applying for the game with milan? 

Fifth: room for improvement. New team, new coach, new players. That being said here it seems that everyone has expected a Philoctetes of points. We are in the beginning there is room for mistake even though the performance except for the first half with catania, have not been to throw away. If Juventus had 10 points, which are the ones who deserved we would speak in other terms … as usual, lacks the balance. 

Sixth: the absence from the european cups. Without Cups, as Mazzarri says we have ten points more. We hope therefore that Juventus will lose only 9, in this ase the third place goal would be reached. 

Seventh: the stadium. twelfth man? Of course, the public allows you to throw your heart over the obstacle. It takes an audience warm, fierce, but with their hands to themselves. 

Eighth: Krasic. It’s up to him to prove that he is the same like last year. For the moment we saw him in fits and starts in Catania. Krasic in the second half was very similar to the Serbian fury. 

Ninth: The New ones. The old must lead by example, but the new ones to surprise. During the week we told you that Elia has disappointed a little bit , but we have not rejected him, only postponed. We want to promote him, so we are confident. And for this, we also want Estigarribia, Vidal, Giaccherini can give a major contribution. 

Tenth: the farsopoli effect. What emerged in Naples has to load the environment even more. Never greatest injustice was perpetuated. Let’s show on the field the grit and and the ardor of Juventus and her people, who wears that shirt should have a “braveheart” of twelve million fans. 

 by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise