Denials after denials from Massimo Moratti to allegations that De Santis, the former referee involved in Calciopoli and the wiretapping case, has turned in recent years, but now could no longer suffice: Giuliano Tavaroli, the Telecom former chief of security, has declared sued by the courts, have taken the order to launch the operation Thieves directly from the current chairman of inter.

The declaration of Tavaroli, cited by Tuttosport, leaves no room for doubt: “The “Thieves” operation, I was ordered by inter in the person of Moratti, then I did together with Facchetti” and indeed, confirms that even Giancinto Facchetti was implicated in the story.

All allegations made by those intercepted would then be founded: from De Santis to Moggi, through the interest of  Juventus, not to mention that this sensational turning point in the facts could also relate the espionage case occurred in damage of Christian Vieri, inter player at the time.

The former referee and former football player asking the same compensation – ed 21 million – and now the ball will go to the lawyers of Moratti. 

adapted by: Mike Prise