Massimiliano Allegri blunted a bit the expectations. In the Bianconeri environment there is desire to see the work of Alvaro Morata: the scraps of game in which he has been deployed so far have put in evidence the considerable technical qualities of the attacker, a modern striker capable of booting in progression. At the center of the attack, so far, there was Fernando Llorente, that until a year ago was just beautiful, and today is one of the key players of this Juventus.

The impression is that the current Juventus coach uses him even more as the offensive pivot of the whole, the buoy center around which to build the dangerous plots. Llorente, now we know him well, he is a player that knows how to use his body and technique to protect the ball and returning it clean to his teammates: the combination with the Spanish striker is, now, one of the most sought after play to enter the opponent area, often closed .

Maybe for him has changed little since last year: back to goal was playing, back to goal plays now. Tevez is no longer at his side, the strikers do not play on-line: he’s there in the heart of the defense, he is the prince support able to exploit his massive physical strength and technical skill in the strait.

In the three games in which he has been deployed so far (against Chievo counts relatively) received 100 passes, he has made 84 mistaken 17, with a remarkable average of key passes (last pass) of 2. The risk of this use is in seeing Llorente neutralized when there is a physical defender that can withstand the shock wave; a lot then depends on the areas on which he receives the ball: against Milan, for example, a few balls came from the side lines (unlike the previous games), many passes came vertically towards him.

In the match of the Champions League, however, the high Swedish line and the speed, especially in the first half, did not allow the attacker to be served regularly inside the penalty area. Not surprisingly , the great tactical intelligence and the huge availability that the Spaniard shows on the defensive: his introspection, even deep pressure on the opponent regista offer generous and essential contributions to the whole team. He is just missing the goal: coming soon.

adapted in english from an article of Davide Terruzzi from juventibus.com