Atletico is not a team incapable of building dangerous moves when it finds itself having to make the game. Simeone oscillates between two modules: the 442 and the 451, both characterized by the presence of atypical wingers, not classically designed wings (because Simeone asks a great defensively job with a position close at the side of the midfielders), but the game is developed intensively on side lanes with a few players who do find themselves above the line of the ball and the action that ends up in a location distant from the initial one.

Whether it is 451 or 442, two medians (usually Thiago and Gabi) hold the position, the full-backs go up (Juanfran pushes on the right), the midfield is initially emptied and is occupied by the cuts of the atypical wingers (Koke and Arda Turan) with Mandzukic ready to fill the space created. When his formation is pressed, Simeone asks to bypass the midfield exploiting the qualities in the air of Croatian striker with midfielders ready to attack the second ball.

It’s a Atletico lethal on set pieces. “A corner kick is a penalty for us,” say at the Calderon, an absolute truth: Cholo works a lot of these situations (his team has already made 8 goals, 7 from headers, from free-kicks and corner) to take advantage of the quality of its players. Ask Buffon of Godin. I colchoneros militarily occupy almost the first post with at least 3-4 men: the visual and the freedom of action of the goalkeeper are in fact inhibited, the defense is in big trouble.


What could Juventus do ? First of all, shouldn’t go to Madrid thinking they can manage the game. Simeone wants more than anything to avoid defeat, because he knows perfectly well that losing would greatly complicate the road in Europe: probably will play with the 451 to counter the strength of the three  Bianconeri midfielders will try to start strong, aggressively to unblock the game and then do what continues to be the strong point: defend neatly and compactly.

Hard to think of finding central spaces, always well guarded by lines of Atletico: are the side lanes, where, however, care must be taken not to attract in the trap designed by Simeone. It will be essential the great movement of Tevez and will be ready to stretch the opposing defense by attacking the space behind the fullback: a solution that must be proved with continuity even by Pogba and Vidal. It would probably be the game of Morata, capable of moving and occupying the offensive front in length, but his not optimal physical conditions should lead to the confirmation of Llorente.

Against a team like Atletico, which has some similarities with Benfica, will be crucial the ability to move the ball by changing the side with a few simple passes: the colchoneros collapse on the strong side, continuing to move them alternating verticality and horizontality is the best way to create of gates. Easy? No, but this Juventus seems less schematic and has the ability to get a result at the Vicente Calderon.

adapted in english from an article of Davide Terruzzi from