Imagine yourself in the middle of winter, before going to sleep. You are about to lie down in the bed, but first you have to choose which blanket you want to  cover yourself. You can choose between two completely different blankets. The first cover is very heavy, keeps you very warm, but has a little flaw: it is short. This will force you to keep your feet uncovered or, if you want your feet warm, you force to keep cold the upper body, chest and shoulders. The second blanket is very big and long but it has a flaw: it is not as heavy as the first, is a bit ‘lighter. Which would you choose between the two covers? that heavy but short, or that a bit ‘light but covering the whole body?

In this simple analogy in my opinion is hiding the biggest flaw of the module 3-5-2. Let me explain. In my opinion the 3-5-2 is like a heavy blanket but short, because with this form when we attack are ultra offensive and when we defend we are ultra defensive. What’s the problem? you might say, if in attack we are devastating and on defense we are a shutter there should be no problem, indeed, it seems the right thing to do. In fact, among the “offensive phase” and the “defense” is that huge thing called “change of phase” or “phase transition”, and this is our big problem in Europe with the 3-5-2.

If a solid body wants to go to a gaseous state must necessarily deal with a phase transition called sublimation, if a body in a liquid state wants to pass in the solid state must address the transition phase called solidification in short, if you want to switch from one state to another something has to happen because this happens. A cube of ice becomes liquid when you do heat up, a pot of water becomes steam if you carry it in boiling etc etc..

Juve in Europe makes a enormous fatigue to move from one phase to the next of the game. When we attack we give the impression of being taken enfilade at any moment, I speak not only for counter-operated ball at feet, but I also speak for example of long balls of opponents that put us on an equal numbers or outnumbered. Classic example, the two games with Galatasaray, both outward and return we took to the same type of goal manner: ball towards the opponent’s attack, our defenders were found in equal numbers against their attackers (3 vs. 3), header of Drogba and goal of Bulut or Sneider.
In short, once lost the duel individual (in this case aerial duel Drogba-Chiellini) and the defense is screwed. All counterattacks that we take we owe them to our offensive phase that is ultra-offensive and which provides a territorial dominance of the midfield. And this kind of dominance makes it difficult for the phase change from offensive to defensive.

When we are on the defensive phase we do not know on other hand to go back in the attack. We defend very well all the spaces and we give  little, but then we can not change phase. Everytime we recover the ball on defense we pass it on the attacker, as it should be. At this point the attacker of any team if he wants to organize and strike up a counterattack tries to sort the game, right or left. On the wings. With the 3-5-2 this happens unlikely because our winger players (Asa and Lich) at that time are on the line of defenders.
This means that Tevez or Llorente on duty, on receipt of the ball, have two possibilities: either the physical holding of trying to catch foul or stalling, or pass back and not to the right or left. If the backward pass the opposing team can maintain the pressure in attack and if they press upon we go in trouble and if we go in trouble we are forced to throw the ball or lose it. If they handle the ball alone temporizing must always have the skill not to lose the ball in a hypothetical doubling, which is extremely complicated in the long run.

So for this reason I say that 3-5-2 is a short but heavy blanket. Because we do it well when we attack and we defend when we do it well, but when we attack the feet remain uncovered and when we defend ourselves remain uncovered our shoulders and chest. A classic module on other hand, such as 4-4-2, a blanket is a bit ‘lighter but much longer and larger. These types of classical modules are much more balanced. Maybe when you attack with the 4-4-2 do not have that territorial dominance that you have the offensive 3-5-2 formation, and maybe when you defend  you do not have that impenetrable wall that on other hand 3-5-2 guarantees. However, with a very classic 4-4-2 you can move from one phase to another with much more fluency and with more ease. Something in Europe is crucial because in Europe the staticity is counterproductive.

article wrote by user Polpo Paul;