For Juventus confirmed the team who had already beaten Fiorentina, with the exception of Buffon in goal instead of Storari. 4-3-3 then for Antonio Conte, with Lichtsteiner-Barzagli-Bonucci-Chiellini in defense, Vidal-Pirlo-Marchisio in midfield, Pepe and Vucinic respectively right and left Matri in of center. 
4-3-1-2 instead for the ex Ranieri. In front of Castellazzi, defensive line made up from right to left by Maicon, Lucio, Chivu and Nagatomo. Diamond in midfield with Cambiasso the top down, top up Sneijder, Zanetti right mezzala and Obi left mezzala . Pazzini-Zarate in attack. 


 There was enough forward to see the coach Ranieri choices tactics against Juventus . The coach chooses to press up Juventus trying to force to his advantage the philosophy of play of the Bianconeri, which provides, in defensive zone, the exit of the ball forward through passing maneuvers. In static situations from goal kick, for example, the prescriti strikers mark the Juventus central defenders, Sneijder marks Pirlo, trying to stop Juventus to start her action with the ball on the ground . 

 The prescriti choice brings dividends to prescriti on and off. Juventus, although pressed, is trying to play ball on the ground the ball by drawing the pressure of prescriti. We see in the video that follows one of the cases in which prescriti can profit from their own attitude: Although Juve pressed is trying to get out of the defensive zone, passing; prescriti able to retrieve the ball in midfield and creates the opportunity which generates the crossbar of Pazzini.

 The advanced reconquest of the ball by prescriti is therefore a factor of danger to Juventus. But as we shall see later, the Tactical attitude of prescriti create tactical advantages to Juventus, outweigh the benefits generated for prescriti. For now we continue to explore other sources of danger to Juventus. The combined between Conte’s offensive choices and the Ranieri’s defensive generates some weakness on the flanks for Juventus.Prescriti, in attack phase creates density in the left corner of their attack: Sneijder always starts from position slightly to the left and, if Zanetti on the right remains in place, Obi, on left, attacks frequently attacks outside the area. All this can create spaces for large insertions of Obi, as is well evidenced by the following two slides: Sneijder and Obi are in the bottom left of the first slide. The Dutch, with a typical movement, enters into the field to try to get between the lines, attracting Lichtsteiner and creating space for the insertion of Obi receiving off with plenty of time and space to cross.

 The density in the left wing is also and above all to free up the hallway on the opposite end to the raids of Maicon. In the first of the two of the following slides we see Obi, Sneijder, Pazzini and Zarate are all on the center-left, thus attracting the Juventus defense. Maicon, top right along with Vucinic in the first slide, attacks space and receives deep in the corridor that has arisen. 

 The same situation is shown in the video below, with the action of prescriti starting from the center-left and Maicon, initially joined in the top right by Vucinic, who receives in the race and gets the corner from which will emerge the draw of the prescriti.

 Interesting, as mentioned above, is to see the average position of the players during the match, the image shown below. As you can see the position of Sneijder is slightly tight angle on the left, the Obi is very large and that Maicon even more advanced than that of Zanetti. 

 The successful exploitation of the bands from dell’prescriti is also the son, as mentioned, of the defensive choices of Conte who continues to send Marchisio and Vidal to hunt the ball in a very advanced position, even against the opponents central defenders . Unlike other games, is not Vidal attacking the opponent’s central defender, but, regardless, both the Juventus mezzale. The two slides that follow we see precisely Marchisio pressing high Lucio 

 Clearly, always pressing forward and in forward position, Marchisio and Vidal are not continuously available to support the full-backs: To clarify, jumped Vucinic, Marchisio can not absorb the runs of Maicon.We have seen up to now the strengths of prescriti in the first half of the game: high recovery of the ball, but not constant throughout the game, play on the wings, especially of Maicon, with Vucinic can not follow him with perseverance and Marchisio involved in high blood pressure and central on ball carriers of the prescriti.We are now going to see the real strength of Juve and the consideration for prescriti weakness. The very high pressure range of Ranieri and the system outputs designed by the Roman coach, while giving, as we have seen, some benefit for the prescriti, provide to Juventus the ultimate weapon for the Bianconeri victory . Let us first see how, with Zarate and Pazzini committed to the central defenders of Juventus and with Sneijder in the area of Pirlo , the deputies on the Juventus fullbacks are Obi and Zanetti. In particular, since the contribution provided by Lichtsteiner to the offensive Juventus maneuver, Obi is often forced to go out to block the black and white band full back. 

Skipped the first pressing Juventus finds in midfield only 3 men to defend the amplitude of the field. 
Compounding the problem for the prescriti three main factors: 

 1) After the first phase of the action Sneijder works little on pressure to Pirlo and never falls back on the line of midfielders; 

 2) Cambiasso and Zanetti do not have the athletic ability to cover large areas of the field, especially against Juve in that area puts Vidal, Marchisio, and often the wingers that cut inside; 

 3) Obi, the best in midfield, is the only who is running for real, but often it does it badly. 

 Once again we find the situation faced against Milan, with only Van Bommel to supervise, badlyl, the central area. This time it’s Cambiasso to being left alone with his dynamic limits and with Zanetti always too far away, even for the need to cover for Maicon. The puzzle is unsolvable for prescriti that if fails to retrieve the ball quick it is automatically exposed to the attacks of Juventus. In the slide that follows we see how far apart are the prescriti midfielders and leave prescriti defense potentially undefended.

 But when the three huddle are opening outside highways, particularly for Lichtsteiner.

 Let’s see how almost all the dangerous actions of Juventus are born from their own inability with only three players to cover the breadth of the field and defend the areas, hunting grounds of Marchisio, Vidal and Vucinic. We proceed in chronological order.In the slides series that follow, we see Pirlo find Marchisio in the center with Cambiasso and Zanetti both distant and unable to give pressure on Marchisio, free to receive with comfort, with Vucinic between the lines. Too easy for Marchisio serving Vucinic who has time to turn around, with face to the goal and look for a filter pass, which proved too long, for the cutting of Matri.

 Let’s see Vucinic’s goal. In early action, on the left, on Chiellini is Zanetti. Marchisio is free to receive, without pressure, while on the weak side, Obi has to deal with Vidal. Marchisio once again can play comfortably, without pressure, which Matri who can open to Lichtsteiner: Obi is attracted by Vidal, Nagatomo is too narrow and Lichtsteiner has really too much space in front of him.

 Lichtsteiner can receive and wait, before Nagatomo arrives, beautiful movement in the center area of Alessandro Matri 

 The second goal for Juventus arises from problems from the prescriti inability to manage the breadth of the field with only three men. The ball is in the right wing to Lichtsteiner faced by first midfielder Obi. Unmark Vucinic moves in central zone and Cambiasso is too far to prevent the Montenegrin receive, in the front of goal and serve Marchisio. Zanetti, circled in yellow is far away and unable to support Cambiasso. Marchisio exchanged with very good Matri and with great precision and coldness scores.

 Finally, in recognition of the shortcomings of the prescriti midfield of three, also the opportunity of denied penalty-kick on Marchisio was founded by a receiving of Juventus mezzala with Zanetti wide and Cambiasso too far off. Lucio is then forced to go out on Marchisio, who gets behind on Pirlo. Lucio, went out to fight mezzala not opposed by Cambiasso is bypassed in no man’s land, Zanetti incomprehensibly lets Marchisio who can receive the all too easy from Pirlo’s assist. 

 At the pull of money, too simple for Juventus, just surpassed the first pressure, to arrive from parts of Castellazzi, exploiting the tactical inability of Obi and athletic Zanetti and Cambiasso to cover in three the breadth of the field. The prescriti areas and the receptions in the area of Marchisio and Vucinic crucial in almost all the dangerous actions of Juventus, which creates a lot and very easily throughout the first half. The inability to manage with entire team the high blood pressure is also illustrated by the following video, which highlights how the wrong times of high output of Cambiasso first and then of Nagatomo open the way for the long counter-attack of Juve and on goal occasion for Matri.

 After the goal of Marchisio, Conte begins to protect himself by putting Pepe on the side of Vucinic. The danger of Maicon drops dramatically because Pepe is never ahead from the Brazilian full-back. Moreover, the absence of a player on the right wing for prescriti, left undefended for advanced of Maicon, allows Chiellini protected by Pepe to play even tighter. The slides below show stages of the 5 defense of Juventus

 Conte takes a further step in the range of caution , blocking Vidal to a greater manner of Marchisio to better counter the left wing of prescriti, as seen, full of men. Pirlo is more free to deal with Sneijder, trying to put him in the shade, as shown in the video below in which you see as the juventino is always between the ball and the Dutch midfielder.
 Ranieri increase to the obvious problems amply shown with the inclusion of Castaignos instead of Zarate, the young striker used, being in non-possession to Lichtsteiner, to draw a real 4-4-2.

 Fixed the Maicon issue with prescriti unable athletically and with the new tactical structure to retrieve balls in the forward position, Juventus no longer grants any danger, at last safely managing the slightest advantage. Probably in a slight athletic decrease Juventus manage to become dangerous with Vucinic, Estigarribia and Del Piero.The changes of Juventus do not change the tactical picture of Juventus : Estigarribia gives the exchange in guard to Pepe on Maicon and Vucinic, in center-forward position is used to handle the ball with greater expertise. The task of Del Piero is absolutely analogous to that of Vucinic. Once again after the match with Fiorentina, in the last few minutes for the entry of Pazienza for Vidal sees the former Naples in front of defense and stand before Pirlo in mezzala position.Ranieri changes Obi for Stankovic removing even more dynamism to the prescriti midfield and varies something with Alvarez instead of Sneijder, placing argentine on right in a 4-3-3 with Pazzini striker and Castaignos left. Good management in the second half of the ball, always courageous and forward-passing, good work of central defenders, attention and concentration enough to bring home the three points from San Siro 


 The tactical match between Conte and Ranieri is won by Conte. The Roman coach is trying to press high and gets some results regaining some ball in the advanced area. However, the overall balance, the choice is losing because Juve, who never plays long away the ball, is dangerous with ease whenever the first pressure is skipped. The three midfielders Obi, Cambiasso and Zanetti can not for tactical reasons (Obi) and most athletic (Zanetti and Cambiasso) to cover the breadth of the field alone: the result is extreme freedom for Lichtsteiner and comfortable receptions for Marchisio, Vucinic and Vidal between the prescriti midfielders too far from each other.The main occasions and the two goals for Juventus arise, as shown, from deficiencies in the coverage of the field of prescriti’s midfield. Really too easy for Juventus come in Castellazzi parts: the first half, in addition to two goals, for three times (two Matri and a Marchisio) Juventus comes with the man alone in front of the prescriti keeper. After the second goal Conte decides to protect himself, and does so successfully, the main prescriti offensive weapon , the Advanced Maicon, putting his hand Simone Pepe. In the second half, beeing behind, Ranieri improves shortcomings of tactics from the first half, balancing the team better, but removing the unpredictability of Zarate and the possibility of high pressing shown in the first half.It ‘s a move that helps to maintain the “status quo” of the game. Buffon does not run any more danger: Juve is attentive and concentrated: the four from defense play a solid game, with Chiellini to central support covered from the outside by Pepe / Estigarribia. While not continuously sinking Juve has a good management of the ball that gives phases of possession which lighten the prescriti pressure and give three clean occasions (Vucinic, Estigarribia and Del Piero) to close the game. Not brilliant as in other games, but focused and strong against the best seasonal performance of prescriti, Juventus takes home three points over prescriti team.Today, the Juventus midfield with Pirlo, Marchisio (beautiful game and beautiful goals) and Vidal (which appears to me in a slight athletic decrease) is difficult to handle for any opposing team, let alone Cambiasso- Zanetti, just too inferior athletically and put into difficulty beacuse of Ranieri choices. As mentioned in the match against Fiorentina, the squaring of circle seems to found: Bonucci in central defense gives quality management of the ball is essential to the Conte system, Marchisio-Vidal-Pirlo is a midfield of European level, Pepe (with Vidal) is the player who is used to change the team tactically without replacements, Vucinic gives the absolute quality of attack plays and plays to perfection the movements from the outside of the field and Matri (assist behind the goal to Marchisio) confirms progress in understanding the phases of the game where he was lacking, his refined ability to distance in space and the average vertical traces with his skills in the penalty are. We are going to Naples. by:Fabio Barcellona adapted by:Mike Prise