Let’s start then with the choices of the two coaches: Allegri proposes Asamoah, preferred to Evra for his speed, and relies on Pirlo from the start giving up to Vidal searching for the best condition. Garcia offers the classic 433, recovering Iturbe and fielding Holebas on the left to oppose the gusts of Lichtsteiner and defending the deep. The first impression has been to have attended to more matches within the same race: with a cool head (cit.) there are some themes that appear worthy of further study, traces to understand the trend of the match and the performance of the two formations.

One of the major novelties of this startup of the Allegri management. The Rome gave the impression to suffer significantly the Juventus high pressing with a defensive move of the ball appeared little peaceful, not helped by insecurity with feet of Skorupski. Juventus searches bravely one against one, and shortens on the side lanes: the Bianconeri full-backs are very aggressive, almost never find in line with three defenders when the ball is in Juventus area. AS Roma has had to resort to the long balls in 84 occasions, although it is a team that prefers to keep the ball. The formation of Allegri has generally been good at being found with the lines very narrow and close to each other, removing spaces and depth to the men of Garcia forced to keep possession not to play.
20141006224007_532 corto
Juventus defends by marking on man in the area: the three central defenders are very aggressive on the attackers following them far from their area of ​​expertise; the same goes for the full-backs: this involves constant defensive adjustments, from here rises to the impression of a defense to 4. In fact, it is almost always around four defense with scaling and consequent defensive cover moves. This increased aggression and pressure on the ball carrier also involves a great deal of attention on the part of the whole team: just a small delay on the part of a component to seriously affect the operation of this mechanism. The second goal of Roma matures due to the delay of Caceres shortens on Gervinho, which is then inexplicably granted the interior, while Chiellini does not absorb the cut, not difficult to read, of Iturbe.

The one highlighted with a circle is Bonucci came out to pressure on Iturbe (the man who was in his area) behind Juventus back together with a classic line 4.

The Giallorossi have created little when they have faced a compact and tidy Juventus. Opportunities always arise from situations of counterattack or play in the open field after jummped the Juventus pressure: the greatest danger in the second half (the occasion of Pjanic) comes from a well done transition and from a misreading of Bonucci. Allegri has so bravely chose to take a few more risks than Conte did last year, but overall his team has been able to limit the strengths of Rome: the synchronism in the movements of the pressure still need to be improved, however, remaining aware that need great care and mental responsiveness on the part of the whole team.
20141006224119_passaggio gervinho
Rome was very clever when could play in the open field. This action arises from a transition made ​​well after a dangerous move created by Juventus on Tevez-Lichtsteiner axis(which in fact is not able to come back): Juventus holds centrally letting free the outside. Gervinho is brought to the outside, but lacks Bonucci’s coverage leaving the Ivorian free to serve Pjanic without problems.

20141006224104_mancata copertura
If against Atletico Madrid was thrown against the wall of Atletico Madrid, in the match against Roma, Juventus managed to find the road to goal with frequency and regularity: in fact, as many as 20 shots made ​​by Tevez and his companions (14 of those last January, while the Giallorossi have completed 8, one less than the match before mentioned). Garcia has tried to counter the ball move of the black and white defensive, but the pressure was done or with little conviction or with the wrong times: it has never been a big problem for Bonucci and his companions to release the ball from the frontline of defense. Totti and Pjanic have tried to follow Pirlo, but this pressure has not been applied with great regularity. The three defenders have often had occasion to passing the ball and trigger the action by driving the ball over the halfway line: the axis Bonucci-Chiellini was the warmest of the match (44 passes between the two).

20141006224203_tre trequartisti
The three attacking midfielders of Juventus Tevez, Marchisio and Pogba behind the only striker: the full-backs remain wide and high, line 4 of the Rome gives the space on the outside. In the picture the Juventus number eight is ready to get in behind the back of Holebas creating numerical superiority.

The Rome defended itself with a very narrow defensive line of 4, clearly worried by the pair Tevez-Llorente: Tighten the field centrally granted, however, the side lanes to Juventus, able to exploit this advantage with the presence of the full-backs and the overlap of the central midfielders, forcing Iturbe and Gervinho to deep and costly defensive runs. Again Allegri has emptied the midfield holding the two midfielders as high as possible, but decisive in the Juventus maneuver was the movement of Tevez, authentic mysterious object for the red and yellow defense: the Apache moved on the frontline, becoming almost never to be found in the same line with Llorente first and then with Morata. The Argentine has been caught with relative ease, because the romanisti defenders did not followed him, while the midfielders were more concerned to compose a tight line. The presence of Asamoah balances the offensive play, too unbalanced to the right when playing with Evra.

20141006224020_azione marchisio
The Rome lets the Juventus defenders set up play: Bonucci can lead the ball. Line of four very narrow and high, midfielders are more concerned to maintain a compact position to prevent vertical plays on the ground. The movement of Marchisio is read din elay: Nainggolan gets behind, Holebas does not shorten immediately, the defenders are still very rigid.

Juventus has created serious dangers with the midfielders. By now it is well known predilection of Allegri to play with a 3421 in possession phase: Tevez drops spreading on the strong side, the midfielders forwards of ten yards on weak side. For a few rounds on this part is not uncommon to see practically three men in line behind the only striker. Rome, was said, to have suffered incredibly movements without the ball of Marchisio and Pogba, close to scoring on two occasions due to the incursions not read from the rigid defensive line of the Roma.

Garcia appeared too shy in the approach. The first shot of Rome comes with Totti from the penalty spot. The giallorosso possession appeared more conservative than productive, almost waiting looking for a cut of the false exteriors. If Totti is at tactical striker, the two wingers move without a fixed location and often exchanging position: ata tourbillion that creates apprehensions and creates dangers, but not against an experienced defense like that of Juventus. In too many occasions Totti has lowered excessively, without at least one of the midfielders exploiting this movement: Holebas pushed little, while Maicon was made himself ready (together with a Keita skilled in sewing the two departments). In fact, the numbers are unlikely to lie: even though Juventus has not appeared so much fluid, the Roma has granted more compared to game of last January 6. On that occasion the possession smiled at the Giallorossi, but the territorial supremacy (total time of possession in the attacking midfield) was reversed: 11′:27″ against 9’53” in favor of Juventus on Sunday, 9′:16″ vs 14’32” nine months ago. In short, this time Juventus has made ​​the game and a certain superiority seen by some is not reflected on the field.

adapted in english an article of Davide Teruzzi from juventibus.com