Presentation of the modules 
Conte resolve the doubts choosing Barzagli defensive partner to Chiellini in central defense, Pepe and Giaccherini on the offensive wings instead of the newly recovered Krasic and the newly arrived Elia, Del Piero and Matri as a couple of attack, with Vucinic dented by the national and returned for this short training sessions, initially on the bench. 
 The 4-4-2/4-2-4 of Conte then see Buffon in goal, full backs with De Ceglie and Lichtsteiner and Barzagli / Chiellini central defenders. In the middle of the field, along with Pepe and Giaccherini on out, play in internal position, Pirlo and Marchisio. As mentioned, Del Piero and Matri as strikers. Colombadeploys Parma with the expected 4-4-2. Mirante at goal, the defensive line lined up from right to left with Zaccardo Paletta, Lucarelli and Rubin. 
The midfield line provides Morrone and Galloppa in the middle, and Valiani on the right and Modesto on the left. In attack Giovinco moves around the tower Pellè . 
Tactical developments of the match 
 The two teams will face “mirror” with Colomba that does not include any job-oriented to counteract the internal midfileders of Juventus for Giovinco (or Pellè). As shown in the figure below contrasts are well defined, with the two strikers who play on the central defenders of Juventus and Marchisio-Pirlo contrasted by Morrone-Galloppa . 
 The choice of Colomba , in any case, to wait “low” Juventus, trying to stay compacted in their own half and to give density on the side of the halfway line. The plan, however, works quite bad because Parma played the without-ball phase without the necessary aggressiveness in all areas of the field: Galloppa and Morrone have very little aggressive on Marchisio and Pirlo, swaying undecided between the pressure on Juventus central midfielders and to help down the central defenders. 
 The disadvantages of this approach are amplified by the lack of involvement of the strikers in the defensive work on the Bianconeri central midfielders and the average low position occupied by the defensive line of Parma, which greatly expands the area of competence of Morrone / Galloppa that never find the right timing of Pirlo and Marchisio assault without also providing effective cover help to the central defense. 
In this tactical framework Marchisio, and especially Pirlo play virtually undisturbed for the ball with the former Milan player that provides lethal damage to the defense of Parma.In contrast the offensive phase of Parma is completely annihilated by a defensive transition of Juventus practically perfect. The data provided by the League of Serie A show 700 balls played A (huge amount) and 61% ball possession for Juventus. 
These numbers reflect the absolute domination of the Juventus game, with Juventus always in possession of the ball and Parma unable to put two passes and steps to reach from parts of Buffon until the 91 st minute of the game. The origin of this domination is to be found in the very effective defensive transition of Juventus.Just lost the ball the Juventus players immediately attack opponents trying to catch the ball first and at the most forward position the ball. Inevitable corollary of this attitude of the departments of midfield and attack is shown by the most aggressive central defenders on the opposing strikers,narrow marked in forward position to remove the possibility of skipping the first Juventus press and relying on strikers. 
The following series of figures shows an exemplary defense transition of Juventus.Pepe attacks Rubin with Modesto ready to double. Note the normal position of fullback, Lichtsteiner, always in support of the wing.
 Pepe loses ball, but Juve will not run back with him but attacks the ball carrier Modesto. Note in particular how the central defender Chiellini closes Giovinco to the opponent’s midfield. 
 Modesto is forced to look through the Pellè, with the Parma striker marked closely by Barzagli.
 The same situation is shown in the video below, with De Ceglie who loses the ball and the team that doesn’t run back (note Pirlo and Marchisio amid rising pressure on opponents central midfielders) and tries to win back the ball immediately.
 The immediate pressure is higher and flow rate whenever the situation makes it possible, even when the action starts from the opposition goalkeeper.In the slides that follow we see as Marchisio going to attack the opponent’s central defender, Lucarelli, who has just received the ball from his goalkeeper. 
Lucarelli, pressed by Marchisio, will be forced to send the ball out of play. 
 The third goal of Juventus was born from a similar position, with Vidal that comes under pressure on a high ball played by the goalkeeper short from the goalkeeper, managing to retrieve it.
 The video shows how even with a different module (we will see that with the entry in the field of Vidal Juventus switch to 4-3-3) and in a situation of double benefit of the team’s attitude does not change. 
The defensive transition interpreted as described is  played in a tremendously successful explains the high number of plays and percentage of possession of Juventus: the ball early gets back in Juventus possession without Parma able to manage with a minimum of continuity  a maneuvered possession . 
 Interestingly, even compared to the adopted tactics last season, noting the behavior of members of the defensive line with the team in non-ball possession phase. 
The zonal marking is replaced by a pure approach more oriented to the opponent’s position more closely marked. The following series of slides shows this attitude. 
 Note in the first two slides as Chiellini and De Ceglie are close to the opponents even at the cost of extending the distance between Barzagli and Chiellini. With this attitude, which does not necessarily require reduced distances from the center of the field, the offensive winger Giaccherini is not forced to act as a “fifth defender” and can remain in the most forward position, with obvious benefits in the conuter-attack phase . 
 In the last slide of the series we see as Lichsteiner is more “attentive” to the position of Modesto than to that of Barzagli. The new tactical attitude has shown in the game with Parma obvious advantages to the defense on the weak side, the tactical situation almost always badly managed last season, with the fullbacks finally able to intercept, or, in any case, the times to come right over the opponents , the game changes of the opponents.
 The ball possession phase of Juventus have made ​​use, as already noted, of the enormous freedom given to Andrea Pirlo: the first and the fourth goals come of the assists from the regista. 
 The match showed the lines of maneuver of Antonio Conte’s Juventus: maneuver that actively engages the defenders to pass around the ball in order to attract the opposing team also stressed out and attack more space and therefore unprotected, the starting position very wide of the two wingers, plays from one touch and established, integrated movements of the two strikers. 
Here are some examples of these concepts.In the slides that follow we see a pre-played, from one touch and with integrated movements of the strikers.Lichtsteiner passes internally Marchisio who from one touch plays over the head of Matri, who moves to meet the ball, trying Del Piero who attacks the deep space created by Matri. 
 The one-touch play of the central midfielders is a solution be sought to evade the pressing (which, in the specific game, rather modest) of the opponents. The one-touch play and vertical of the central midfielders corresponds a meeting the ball movement of the two strikers . In the video below two examples of the games described above, with Pirlo who one-touch play seeks the striker who gets encounter.
The one-touch play is also widely used from the wingers to exit the pressure and trigger the strikers. The following figures Lichtsteiner is passes vertically to Pepe who one-touch play passes to the strikers. Matri, the closest striker comes to get the ball as well as Del Piero, whose position created a line with the ball and Matri. The ball, of the veil of former Cagliari striker comes to Del Piero who can play the ball.
 The following video makes explicit the various concepts of the tactic interpretation by Juventus: regained the ball quickly and in a forward position, the ball movement that draws out their opponents by calling the pressing (the ball actually comes to Buffon) and pressing out with encoded play and preferably one-touch play (in this case with the combination just saw in the previous figures, which involves full-back, wingers and strikers) to play in large spaces and unprotected. 
 To underline how, with the input of Vidal in place Del Piero, Juventus switch to 4-3-3 with Pirlo in front of the defense, Marchisio right mezzala and the Chilean left mezzala . 
 But the game principles do not change for Juventus: Pressure remains high, the movement of the ball to create space for the sink and high intensity. In the new tactical game evidence, for interpretation of the role, Marchisio and Vidal, not by chance authors of two splendid goals that close the match. 
 Without having to use half words great match for Juventus, which gives only in 91 ° a dangerous action to Parma, dominated from all points of view in the rest of the match. A tactical, technical and athletic domination . 
It worked very well the defensive transition , widely described in the body article that has given, borrowing an expression from the basket, a very high “number of possessions” to Juve.
When in ball possession phase we saw a clean circulation, efficient, involving all eleven players (including the goalkeeper), which aims to expand the useful range to play (keeping high and deep the offensive wingers and “calling” the opponent to pressing with ball movement between the defenders in the area far behind) and making use of coded and pre-established solutions. 
 In support of tactical solutions described a glittering athletic condition. A great Juventus, enhanced by the decisive play of Andrea Pirlo, the author of two assists. In the field of individual performance, providing excellent continuity of Simone Pepe, Claudio Marchisio (also amazing goal) and Lichtsteiner. 
Regenerated from new defensive concepts, more attentive to the marking of their opponents, Giorgio Chiellini has appeared, almost perfect. As mentioned, also excellent debut with a goal by Arturo Vidal. 
 And, going slightly off tactical topic, finally Juventus in a full stadium and thought for football. A show, Pass me the term, “European” both on and off the field. 
Inside the onset of the exciting team of Antonio Conte we will try to explain the things that have gone less well and what the match against Parma has only partially tested. 
 With the exception of Pepe, the other three offensive players have played a game with lights and shadows. If for Giaccherini you can invoke the emotion and delay the onset to a higher number of games his rating, the deeper are the gaps that Alessandro Matri must fill to complete the repertoire of the ideal striker for Antonio Conte. Specimens, as always, deep movements into average space of Matri. 
 The video below shows, in the first two actions, clean net and unmarked tracks of Juventus striker. The next two episodes show instead of the current shortage of Matri, not as qualified to play on the narrow, back to the goal, with the other striker: in the two actions shown the ex-Cagliari is triggered by rapid and brief touches of the first by Del Piero, but can not effectively combine.

Are necessary individual improvements and department of the offensive quartet which must play with more offensive technical brilliance, precision of movement and danger. 
It must be said that precisely is what the offensive department, compared with the Parma game, had more alternatives (Krasic, Elia, Vucinic, Quagliarella). Solutions should also be verified to be opposed to teams capable of putting more pressure on Andrea Pirlo. 
 The perfect defensive transition and excellent non-ball possession phase are not being must be checked against teams more maneuvering than Parma and differently tactically arranged . 
The “mirror” arrangement of Duke’s has reconquest the exalted the ball regaining of Juventus, making sure references and avoiding the possible creation of numerical inferiority zones. 
 Verification will be particularly interesting against teams who like to thicken the midfield (for example, teams that play in a three midfield or full of half-strikers (mezze punte) ) and maneuver: is curious to observe the possible counter-moves by Conte in outnumbered situation in the middle of the field and the ability of Juventus to counter teams able to escape with a decent continued fast ball movement to the fast reconquer movement of the Bianconeri. 
While waiting for these answers, let’s enjoy the beautiful Juventus at the Juventus Stadium onset . 
by: Fabio Barcellona 
adapted by: Mike Prise