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Antonio Conte, comes back to 4-3-3, not giving away to the simultaneous presence of Alessandro Matri and Mirko Vucinic. The team is therefore as follows: Storari in goal in place of Buffon, Chiellini and Lichtsteiner full backs, central defenders Barzagli and Bonucci. In midfield the trio Pirlo, Vidal (right mezzala ) and Marchisio (left mezzala ). Pepe in attack on the right, and Matri striker and Mirko Vucinic on the left.Absent Montolivo, Mihajlovic does not play the card Gilardino from the first minute and opt for a 4-2-3-1 with Boruc in goal, De Silvestri, Gamberini, Pasqual and Natali in the defensive line. Munari and Behrami occupy two roles in midfield, with Kharja in the advanced top position . Cerci and Vargas occupy the two bands in the position of striker Jovetic.

Tactical developments of the match

Juventus proposes the deployment of three midfielders, but compared to other performances, put on the wing a pure striker as Vucinic and as a central striker Matri. The consequences of the interpretation of the module are, as we shall see, quite remarkable. Fiorentina, with technical choice of Mihajlovic not particularly original, sacrifices Kharja in the individual marking of Pirlo, leaving the midfield at the foot of two runners Behrami and Munari.

In the two slides is shown the work of Kharja on Pirlo, the first of the two is well designed the 4-2-3-1 of Fiorentina.

The sacrifice of Kharja takes out from Fiorentina middle of the field, a dribbler, with dire consequences, for the first half, the viola possibility of leaving the defense from Juventus pressing in a cleanly manner. The combination of high-level defensive transition of Juventus as always, searching for the reconquest of the ball early and inadequacy of the viola team to overcome the pressure of dribbling Juventus, , forced Fiorentina to seek Vargas, Jovetic Cerci with long balls from the rear : the worst possible way to trigger the three players particularly technical. Supported by the pressure of striker and midfielders the defenders play a particularly aggressive on the viola strikers, served with balls of very poor quality, are constantly anticipated. The result is that Juve in the first half is the owner of the field and of the ball.

In the video below we see the suffocating pressure of Juventus after the loss of the ball forcing Fiorentina looking Jovetic with high balls. Barzagli anticipates twice, and well beyond the halfway line, the striker of Montenegro.

In the video below is another example of regaining the ball high and early in time for Juventus

When in not ball possession again the choice of Conte is to make out Vidal on the central defender on the left viola defense.

The big news is the offensive phase of Juventus, much closer to that of the previous occasions of a classic 4-3-3. The focus needs to be done on the movements of Pepe and Vucinic, of those Matri and those movements coordinated with those of the two mezzali.

Unlike other occasions when Juventus had deployed three midfielders, the winger players , which had been substantially wider in previous games, play a much greater variety of tracks.

Vucinic and Pepe read the development of actions and when possible play the inner tracks, generally different from each other. We begin to see the preferential receiving of Vucinic. The Montenegrin starts wide and deep on the left and moves by meeting the ball with a diagonal motion, moving back toward the center of the field.

The following images show the movement and reception of Vucinic.

From the position of receiving Vucinic becomes the real offensive regista of the team, seeking out the movements of the other two strikers. In the following video we see how Vucinic, receiving the usual position, serves wonderfully the deep movement of Pepe.

The movements of Vucinic are combined with those of Matri, Marchisio, Vidal and Pepe. Matri as first option comes towards and then to open on the left if the Montenegrino receives the ball and is in situation of discovery ball (as seen in the video above). The movement of Vucinic is completed when “curl” on the receipt back to the goal of Matri.

The two slides that follow we see how Matri gets back to the goal and as the movement of Vucinic allow of Montenegro to act as a support for the center-cut and serve the coordinated space of Vidal.

In most offensive zone the movement of Vucinic on Matri allows Juventus the creation of a ball goal after the goal of Jovetic.The slides that follow we see how Pepe serves the meeting movement of Matri, and Vucinic complete his typical move on the center attacking and getting the depth of the striker Matri. All done with perfect on individual space and time.

On the opposite side of the field, Pepe plays the inner tracks which include movements in depth, very typical of the attackers of 4-3-3. Example is the action shown in the following video in which Pepe receives the ball with a cut and deep inside, appearing only before Boruc. The action, beautiful, show also coordinated movements of Vucinic, Matri and Marchisio that fits in the space created by the movements of the two strikers.

The movements of Pepe free the inserts of Lichtsteiner who regularly attacks the space created by the traces of the winger, as we see the two actions shown in the following video.

The quality of the offensive phase of Juventus, with respect to time and space of coordinated movements also allows to Juventus to play “in rhythm” also creating dangerous situations for the viola defense. The real steps in which Juventus “accelerates” are those immediately following the loss of the ball, for immediate recovery. In possession of the ball, as mentioned, the quality of offensive movements permits variation of pace lethal for the viola defense.

In the two videos below show a couple of actions carried out by Juventus moving the defense and waiting for the gate to sink.

Faced with a Juventus almost perfect, except that the conclusions in attack, Fiorentina contrasts tactical errors rather coarse in the middle of the field. If Kharja , as widely mentioned, follows man to man Pirlo, Behrami is looking to double the central defenders. This forces him to stay in central location. With Munari to his right, and consequently in the area Marchisio, Vidal is often free to receive, thus replacing Pirlo in setting the game. Also often it creates a 3 vs. 2 in the left wing for Juventus, with Pasqual and Vargas outnumbered against Vidal, Pepe and Lichtsteiner.

In the figure below we see how Behrami is far and is forced to catch up Vidal.

The action we have in the next video illustrates how Behrami go to double on Matri receives back to the goal in the center. Behind the exhaust of Matri on Marchisio and subsequent passage to Vidal, receives free and may quietly and without pressure to play the ball.

The only flaw of Juventus is to score a single goal in the face of the enormous amount and quality of attacking play, plus a corner. Corners also extensively studied by Conte in training and have yielded two goals in two games. The video shows the corner of the goal of Bonucci and the previous one, always played to free a man to shoot.

The fear at the end of the first half is that Juve could be punished for not having completed the first portion of at least two goals ahead. And in fact the second half of the game sees a different trend. Mihajlovic partially remedy his mistakes and inserts Gilardino for Cerci . Jovetic plays vertically behind Gila, Munari is to occupy the right wing and Kharja moves back next to Behrami encouraging best releases of the ball from defense.

The ability of Jovetic to find the location between the lines and play from the same position with extremely qualitative balls together with the cleaner outputs guaranteed by Kharja puts in some difficulty Juventus.

Fiorentina came to scoring on a lack of Barzagli (and a slip of Lichtsteiner in the continuation of the action). The action, as seen from the next slide, was founded by De Silvestri Bonucci takes a step forward to approach Jovetic, always dangerous in attack and Gilardino lines the space between the two shoulders of the central Bonucci. Barzagli sees everything, but the timing is wrong and “salt” when already started launching De Silvestri, instead of following the cut.

Juventus, after the goal taken, start again with more determination to try to attack the Florentine. The pressure on the viola raises and although the operation is not as bright as the first half, also because of the improved performance of the opponents, it is still high enough quality to be created with relative ease the dangers for Boruc and to score the goal of the benefit. Juve remain in control of the game until the end of the match without risking anything. About 10 minutes from the end, the first change of Conte, Estigarribia for Vucinic, seeks to ensure coverage in the left wing. Pazienza for Vidal is a change required by the fatigue of Chilean.

To request a change of Pepe and of the strikers planted by Mihailovic (Silva, Jovetic, Gilardino), Conte responds with the arrival of De Ceglie and an unusual 5-4-1, soon turned into a 5-1 -3-1 patiently in front of the defense, which sees Barzagli, Bonucci and Chiellini to chair from right to left, the central area with Lichtsteiner and De Ceglie on the wings.


I wrote in the commentary of the match against Genoa, it was not the case for alarm after a game lower level of the previous games, but a draw by opponents only 6 minutes from the end. For me, most of the performance against the griffins was important to the quality of the reaction to that game, in the match against Fiorentina. The reaction took place, double. The first in a first time in my opinion “barcellonesco” (Pass me the term): defense transition turned to even higher levels coupled with a high quality of offensive maneuver, managed perfectly with choice and change of pace. The entry of Matri as center and moving Vucinic as a left winger allow to Juventus to play a 4-3-3 formation in which, finally, the contribution of the wingers is decisive. The three attackers are moving in an almost perfect, with very precise movements for each other in time and space. Vucinic, criticized (rightly) for the quality of the conclusions at the net, plays well all the other phases of play, and precise in movements and extremely qualitative in plays.

Pepe again shows his tactical skills, improving his repertoire of many movements, the short and long, always relevant to the game situation. Author of a great game and always relentless in front of goal, remarkable progress of Matri’s play in coordination with the rapid movements of teammates. Incursions and internal play of Marchisio and Vidal was added by Mr. Conte a set of offensive solutions involving all three strikers that have made the offensive phase of Juventus really effective.

The second reaction has occurred after the goal of Fiorentina. Too good and too narrowly the first time, the advantage achieved. Juve comes on contracted and Fiorentina, thanks to some tactical changes, takes advantage and draws. But here the Juve is back on track, is set to grind game and soon finds the goal of the benefit. Opportunities to reach the goal of 3-1 are, while Fiorentina is far from possible to break even. The subs of Conte draw a team covered more in the last ten minutes.Three minutes from the end the coach goes to a defense with three centrals. Too “defeatist”, too scared? I disagree. Three minutes from the end, with Fiorentina, which had no midfielders on the field and for which clearly the game plan was to launch into long Gilardino and Silva, protect centrally, three minutes from the end, with three jumpers does not seem all wrong . The impression is that Conte has found that the quadrature of the circle with a 4-3-3 formation and who sees the best in the field of the 11 exploited to the maximum according to their characteristics. On the right Lichtsteiner has both field ahead to exploit his race skills.

Bonucci in the middle gives a undervalued contribution to the fluidity of possession. In midfield Pirlo , Marchisio and Vidal have technical, race, ability to defend and to score. Although at reduced speed because of the injury, the Chilean proves once again an essential and absolute value, combining the ability to create out of thin air pressure on the opponents ball carrier into offensive and techniques skills of high level.Maybe be cited is not fancy, but I’m happy to have been right on board of the Chilean.In front of huge progress by Alessandro Matri in the quality of play, especially those away from the goal, achilles heel so far: seen such progress is difficult at this point without the construction capabilities of the Juventus striker. Also because Mirko Vucinic, who serves as left winger, he played a great game in my opinion, finding his mark with the chance to play continuously in front of the goal. Defects, especially in the purely defensive phase, there are.

For example, once again, popped the markings on the opponent corner kicks allowed to Jovetic the opportunity to even head the ball . But, in line with Mr. Conte also remember where we came from: it is an objective fact and not just say that did not take long to make the best of the last two seasons. Juventus is a team totally revolutionized in the way to play the game. And it has still only played 8. And the thing that has come after only 8 games is really far from the point of departure. It does not mean that there will not be setbacks and complicated moments . It just means, in my opinion, to look objectively at the enormous work done so far by Antonio Conte and his team.

source:uccellinodidelpiero by : Fabio Barcellona
adapted by: Mike Prise