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 No turnover from Conte who returns to 4-3-3 by replacing the suspended Pirlo with Pazienza. For the rest confirmed what by all the effects can be considered the starting eleven of the season. 

 Arrigoni, fresh from two consecutive victories, responds to Juventus 4-3-3 with a 4-4-2: Antonioli in goal, Rossi-Von Bergen, Rodriguez and Lauro from right to left in the defensive line, Ghezzal and Martinho on the wings, Parolo and Guana in the middle, Mutu-Bogdani pair of attack.
Tactical developments of the match 

 No news then for Juventus of Antonio Conte: 4-3-3 and Pazienza instead of Pirlo . 

Arrigoni chooses instead a 4-4-2 with Rossi right back to meet the absences of Comotto and Ceccarelli and two wingers, on the paper, offensive as Ghezzal and Martinho.
The game from the first minute takes a tactical design that will not change throughout the match, with the Cesena waiver of pressing Juventus in her own half and prefers compacted in their own half and tighten the lines.
The choice of Arrigoni is to leave a free man in the center of Juventus. The two wingers Ghezzal Martinho face Lichtsteiner Chiellini, Parolo (on Marchisio) and Guana (on Vidal) play on Juve’s mezzali , while Mutu and Bogdani, always in their own half, deal the Barzagli-Pazienza-Bonucci Trio , which benefits , therefore, the numerical superiority: the ball almost always comes from the defensive line, with a play of one of three Juventus players mentioned.The offensive possibilities of Cesena are entrusted only to counterattack, but the relentless Juventus defense transition literally cancels any possibility to Romagna who never manage to hold onto the ball and raise the team. In the video below shows an example of defensive transition behavior is highlighted by Chiellini, typical of the whole team, who lost the ball, press forward the opponent, forcing him to back pass. 
The attitude adopted by the Juventus in defense transition forces always Cesena to give up dribbled maneuver and seek immediate with long balls, the strikers. On this play, is essential to accompany the immediate pressure of strikers and midfielders, is to emphasize the necessarily aggressive attitude of the defenders. Outstanding among them is the performance in continued anticipation on opposing strikers of Andrea Barzagli. Significant phase of pressure in the middle the contribution of Pazienza, always ready to shorten the forward and block out a few dribbled attempts by the pressing of Cesena. In the following video of two anticipations of Barzagli and a recovered ball in pressure of Pazienza.
Even starting from static situations Juventus tries and can constantly to put pressure on Cesena, forcing the long ball. In the video below the pressure forces Cesena to go back and goalkeeper Antonioli to relaunch long. Also note the well-established choice of Conte, even with the ball at the opponent goalkeeper , to attack one of the two central defenders with a mezzala, Vidal much more frequently, in order to prevent their opponents the opportunity to have free men from which to start a operated action.
Solved every Defensive problem, essentially preventing Cesena to enter in their own half, Juventus must be able to penetrate the gathering defense of guests, in spite of rank, had conceded only 13 goals, of which only 4 out of action. The attack lines of black and white are the usual : the continuous creation of useful lines of passage through endless synchronous movements of the players to encourage the movement of the ball low to the ground, the entries in the spaces created by teammates, maneuvered game waiting for required spaces for the vertical play. In the video only a couple of examples. In the first we see Matri meet the ball, with a lot of movement required by Conte and Marchisio same time move vertically getting the bank of Matri.
In the second video can be seen initially coordinated movements in space and time of Del Piero and Quagliarella and, later, the central attack of Marchisio that releases reception for Del Piero open on the left. On Del Piero then overlaps Vidal who comes to the dangerous cross.
Within the principles of offensive play fo the team a couple of solutions are quite recurrent in the match against Chelsea. The first involves Lichtsteiner, with movements of Pepe always aimed at creating space for the advancing of Swiss . The next slide shows, for example, the typical deployment of Juventus at the beginning of action, which sees Lichtsteiner very high and Barzagli open on the center-right.

From this initial set is developing a series of movements that are intended to free up space for advanced of Juve right-back . The slides that follow Barzagli is free to move forward in his open position on the center-right. Lichtsteiner is high and open.
Pepe comes to meet attracting behind him the leftback Lauro. The free space is attacked by Lichtsteiner attacking behind Martinho. Pepe receives the transition from Barzagli, replays behind the black and white central, which serves the ball to Lichtsteiner in the space created by the movement of Pepe.
The other solution provides central reception of Vucinic, starting from his position high on the left, cut in half without the ball and receives centrally, preferably between the Cesena lines , behind Parolo and Guana, creating numerical superiority. The typical set of movements expects Matri to open on the opposing left and Pepe cuts strong from right towards the center behind the central defenders. The action highlighted by the next series of slides shows very well the movements described. Vucinic cut centrally and receives the ball from Marchisio behind Parolo and Guana. Matri opens on the left, Pepe cuts in middle and Vucinic tries to serve his own winger with a soft lob.
In the video below, two actions with received central of Vucinic. In the first action the receiving of Montenegrin forces Lauro out of the defensive line; Vucinic surpasses him with a dribble and tries to serve Matri, but ended up in offside. In the second action Vucinic shoots
The traces of Vucinic, useful to create superiority in the middle, however, allow to Cesena to tighten the defensive line in amplitude, as shown in the following slides where are shown the positions of full-backs Rossi and Lauro .
Against opponents well covered and closed, a more open position of the two winger could dilate the mutual distances of the four defenders of Cesena, creating more space for insertion of mezzali and for one on one in the same range of wingers, as seen from the video below which shows Vucinic skipping Rossi and going to shoot.
Juventus dominated the length and breadth of the game, but struggled to come dangerously in shooting, not for deficiencies in the construction of the plays, subject perhaps to finding to much central ways which, as mentioned, did not allow to dilate the guest defense, as well as for technical errors in the process of finishing and conclusion and a good test of the central defenders of Cesena, very attentive, timing and good not to fall too much in the heart of the area.
Conte puts his hand quickly to subs, putting Quagliarella in place of a Matri quite out of phase. Vucinic’s injury and the entrance of Del Piero move Quagliarella to the left with the captain in the position of striker. Clearly, the entry of Giaccherini returns Quagliarella in the middle. All newly entered fit well into the game. Quagliarella gives more quality then Matri in the game far from the goal, Del Piero is the author of two good ideas and Giaccherini gives breadth to maneuver. The longed-wished goal comes of the benefit from the usual suspects, however, Vidal and Marchisio. The advantage provides to Juve a little more room to maneuver, with Cesena forced to exit from the groped shell. And the usual Juventus maneuver , which attracts opposing pressure involving even Buffon , and attack larger spaces, creates the maneuver that leads to a penalty kick converted by Vidal.
Finisce meritatamente 2-0 una partita dominata dalla Juventus.
A possession that fluctuates, depending on the source statistics, between 70% ; and 74%. Suffered only two shots on goal, including one at the last minute, in the numerical advantage and two goals. Negligible the presence of Cesena in Juventus midfield. 690 passes against 240 of opponents. A game of one-way. Against a modest Cesena in the restart phases defensive transitions of Juventus enhance and give a monopoly of the ball for Juventus. With the ball into feet Juventus knows what wants to do. Continuous movement without the ball with the creation of spaces where fit, multiple lines of passage and disintegration of the opposing defensive lines. Movement of the ball low to the ground, and patient research to attack the gate. Against a thick Cesena defense, the quality of Juventus possession gives maneuvers very fluid and casual, not at all discounted properties against high density of people in the opponent’s half. 

Of the 690 passes, 84% are short passes and only 7% long balls.Therefore Juventus played the whole match with her weapons,without looking for shortcuts that does not know and without being influenced by the goal that never came. Recall that Juventus is the team with 84% short-passing is the team that plays the highest percentage of such passages in Italy (more than Milan and Rome, in second and third place) and that, clearly , plays the fewest long balls, less than 10% compared to over 12% of Fiorentina, after Juve, is the team that plays less. The real strength of this game lies in the ability of Juventus and Antonio Conte to keep their nerve once again to believe in their game and in his goodness to respond to the problems given away from the match, without trying extemporaneous solutions and / or miraculous to overcome the difficulties that present themselves.Consistency with their own ideas and weekly work self-sustaining confidence in the team’s own means and those of the coach. Only one performance this time not positive of Matri and, overall of all the team, in the process of finishing and ending, times away dangerously the advantage of Juventus. 

What comes with a good conclusion of Marchisio, daughter of a superfine control that unbalances Rodriguez and prepares the ball for the conclusion. Good game of Pazienza instead of Pirlo: Former Naples offers so much pressure on the midfield players in defensive transition and the moving of the teammates without the ball provides simple solutions for the midfielder in possession of the ball.To underline the input in field in the early stages of the second half of Fabio Quagliarella, a sign that now Conte believes the striker from Campania recovered. This is great news and a fundamental weapon for Juventus. 

Once again excellent, after that of Naples, the performance of Arturo Vidal. The Chilean produces a high volume of gaming, covering portions of very wide field, generates high-quality pressure on opponents ball carrier. The video below shows the ability to pressure of the Chilean, able to steal balls also clearly not his.

But the Chilean is not only this (and already is lot of stuff). Is even a player of uncommon tactical intelligence and undoubted technical skills, able to play successfully the initial stages of operation, away from the opponent’s goal and make the assist in the heart of the trafic. Are frequent, due to the position occupied, trade which the Chilean can close in crowded areas close to the opponent area, as shown in the first action of the next video. 

Are also shown a long assist for Bonucci, which occurred in first half and an assist for the goal of Marchisio. The camera back to the door allows you to appreciate the “hesitation” of Vidal who gives him time to find the space and gives Marchisio time to get in the best position to receive. Testimony, along with the underestimated assist for Matri in Naples, the beyond suspicion capacity of the Chilean to remain rational and effective in the hot spots and important moments in the game.
In short how can we not judge, Great, a player who last year was simultaneously the second at highest number of tackles per game and second place on assists in Bundesliga? Almost two players in one.
Along with Pirlo and Marchisio are the best midfield in Serie A. 

 by:Fabio Barcellona; 
adapated by: Mike Prise