Known formation for Juventus by Antonio Conte, who departs from the “pattern formation” for the presence in the role as left-back of De Ceglie for the suspended Chiellini. 
Cagliari also no surprises in men and in the module adopted: 4-3-1-2 for the Sardinians with Agazzi in goal, full backs Pisano and Agostini , Astori and Canini central defenders. In the midfield, Ekdal occupies the bottom position of the low roar, with the top high Cossu, Dessena and Nainggolan respectively right mezzala and left mezzala. Ibarbo and Larrivey form the pair of attack. 
Tactical developments of the match 
The Cagliari presents itself at the Juventus Stadium with a precise and courageous game plan, especially in the first half, played in a worthwhile manner. Ballardini chooses to try to undermine the possession of Juventus from the early stages, pressing high as soon as the opportunity presents itself. The outputs system of the 4-3-1-2 of Cagliari provides that two points, Larrivey and Ibarbo to open on Juventus full-backs and Cossu plays on Pirlo.
The aggressive interpretation of the non-possession phase of Cagliari, however, assumes that Cossu is not fixed in the marking of Pirlo, but, starting from the Pirlo area, exit in pressure on Bianconeri defenders.
The courageous attitude under pressure of Cagliari is evidenced by the following video showing two high-pressure situations of the Sardinians on the low ball circulation of Juventus. In the first of two actions is known as the pressing is organized and carried out with the correct times: on the high pressure in zone Buffon, Ibarbo “leaves” De Ceglie and goes in pressing on Bonucci. At the same time on De Ceglie goes out the right mezzala Dessena and on Vucinic shortens strong Pisano. In the second action known is shown as Cossu goes out on the central defenders, the bottom of the diamond, Ekdal, get out high on Pirlo. We will return to this situation.
As is well evidenced from the Pisano output on Vucinic, the defensive line of Cagliari is closely monitored with attention and aggression the pressing led by the most advanced departments. Juventus, as its style of play, makes the ball circulate, involving in the movement even Buffon, agreeing to openly challenge the high pressure of Cagliari. The interesting tactical challenge essentially ends in a draw, because if it is true that the Cagliari is able to block the Juventus maneuver in her midfield and even to regain the ball in position, it is also true that with discrete frequency Juventus can go out with brightness from this pressing. The following video shows two situations the Bianconeri get out from the pressing. In the first of two actions shown in the video also notes the great dynamic performance of Cagliari: Juventus manages to circumvent a good pressing of Cagliari moving the ball from left to right, but the Sardinians can move with remarkable speed from side to side and bring back a good pressure with so many men on the opposite side of the field.
Much of the match, especially in the first fraction, is played on this tactical battle between the pressure of Cagliari and Juventus capacity to challenge and overcome it by means of the maneuver. Interesting, confirming the good efficacy of Cagliari pressing, the number of “long balls” which was forced Buffon, 9, when before the match against Cagliari, the average per game of Juventus goalkeeper was 5.3. The excellent organization of the pressure of the guests did not hinder Juventus to get around with the same frequency the pressure and to build brilliant maneuvers, primarily leading to that splendid goal by Vucinic, in which are enhanced the features of Juventus offensive phase : coordinated movements between the players with perfect timing and inserts from behind.
Conceptually similar a action is seen at 24 minutes from the first half, with Pepe and Vidal who exchange initial positions on the inside-out axis and subsequent insertions without the ball of Pepe on Matri and Vidal on the same Pepe.
The real flaws in the performance of Juventus in the first half do not reside in the inability to overcome the pressure of Cagliari (also against good pressing of the Sardinians Juve keeps, at the end of the first time, a percentage of ball possession around 65%), but rather are identified in three specific points: 
1) passed with discrete frequency and good quality high pressure of the guests, often Juve doesn’t attack with determination the spaces inevitably created behind the opponent’s midfield; 
2) Juventus is not continuously attacking the only real weak point of the tactics chosen by Ballardini and to describe in a moment; 
3) Juventus fails to regain the ball in a forward position, wrong sometimes the time of pressure on the low ball circulation of Cagliari. 
Let’s see the individual points. 
1) Too often Juventus has the opportunity, exceeded the high pressure of opponents , sinking with decision, taking advantage of the spaces that inevitably leaves behind, even if well played, an ultra-offensive pressing. It would be necessary, after the admirable patience and determination when circumnavigating Cagliari pressure, an increased verticality of the game from the midfield in forward. To be emphasized, however, as we did, the excellent dynamic test of Cagliari able to fold back with great speed or, as already seen, to bring so many people quickly from one side of the field to other covering with speed the weak side . 
2) As already described the system of outputs expected by from Ballardini expects the two attackers to go against the Juventus full backs. This is easier on the right in the area of De Ceglie. Greater difficulties are on the left side where Lichtsteiner, even at the beginning of action, gets up a lot and so ends up behind the striker of the Cagliari side . In the left area Nianggolan is therefore often forced to “dance” between Lichtsteiner and Vidal, not supported continuously from the striker of that side, passed over behind by the Juve full right-back. In addition, the aggressive attitude of Cagliari often leads Ekdal to get out higher on Pirlo, leaving space behind, between himself and the defensive line.
The combined between the two tactical situations described above means that Vidal could attack the space between the lines behind Ekdal without that Nainggolan, committed also and above all to follow Lichtsteiner. The two slides that follow are shown exactly this tactical situation. Notice how Ibarbo marks De Ceglie, and Larrivey is crossed by the movement of Lichtsteiner. With the ball to Pirlo attacked by Ekdal, Vidal can get between the lines creating the conditions for a dangerous action, with Lichtsteiner off alone on to the right.
Juventus took advantage of this tactic situation with excessive sparingly. 
3) The high pressure of Juventus does not bring much fruit in terms of regaining in a good position of the ball. The pressure is frequently evaded, especially on the axis Astori-Ekdal. The first is, from the two centrals, the deputy to the construction of the game. The high pressure of Vidal on Astori does not give the expected results due to the good technical performance of the defender, capable of disengaging with coldness of both short and long.
One of the preferred directions of passage of Astori is, as mentioned, the one towards Ekdal, which goes to press, coming from the blind side, Marchisio. The pressure of Marchisio is often off time and free spaces to the left of the Juventus midfielder. Even when brought with the right time scale, Ekdal is particularly adept to get rid of the pressure, even in dribbling, as shown by the following series of slides.
Although the author of a brilliant performance Cagliari finds rather difficult to become dangerous by parts of Buffon that, in fact, does not do any parade. Juventus, despite the difficulties mentioned above plays a more than adequate football, enhanced by maneuvers particularly effective and does not risk virtually nothing during the first half. The tactical picture of the second half is distorted by equalizer of Cossu came in the opening. The action, which we show in the video, comes from a dynamic receiving of Ibarbo who can jump Bonucci in high pressure. The next central sending back of Bonucci is originated from the fact that the black and white center is running back catching position.
While trying to continue to press high center inevitably the center of gravityof Cagliari lowers and raises that of Juve. Cagliari can be ordered even if plays this new tactical game, thanks to the valuable defensive contribution that Ibarbo and Larrivey deeply folding on the full-backs, by addressing potential problems in the coverage of the broad field of 3 Sardinian midfield. Juve loses a bit of lucidity. The action of the alleged penalty-kick of Matri is an example of action played well on the principles which should have been sought to reach the goal. 
The maneuver, shown on video, created by receipt (almost always available) of Vidal between the lines. On the inward movement of the entire Cagliari to cover Vidal, the Chilean opens to the outside to Vucinic. From the outside, taking advantage of the fact the move of the defense, the ball comes back with patience to the inside and then cut inside the area to Matri. In the action can be seen the research of the weaknesses of Cagliari, the research of the winger and the patience to make move as much as possible the opponent’s defense.
Unfortunately, as mentioned, the maneuver can not be sufficiently clear and, in my opinion, the changes proposed by Antonio Conte do not help the team. The first, Del Piero for Pepe, relegates Alessandro Matri to the left, driving down the dangers of the team. Besides the performance of Del Piero is totally inadequate, the captain mistakes often the times of clearing the ball, so important in the game proposed by Antonio Conte.
The context of the tactical game, with Cagliari increasingly closed and the space behind opponents increasingly reduced, do not seem suggesting large fortunes with the change between Matri and Krasic, considering the fact that Cagliari, simultaneously, replacing Larrivey with Ariaudo, switches to 5-3-1-1.
And indeed, even apart from missed opportunity in full recovery, the contribution of Krasic to the Juventus cause is quite low. Finally, the change of Vucinic with Borriello takes the outside dangerous from the Juventus maneuver relegated mainly to rely on balls towards the new striker. The tactical issues with Borriello are well highlighted in the video below, showing the scoring chances had by Juventus in the recovery. On both occasions the former Roma player is searched with the long ball. In the first case can Borriello heads the ball, and then attacking the rebound to serve Krasic; in the second case can shield the ball and opened on De Ceglie who crossed for the header of Vidal.
The match ends so in a draw and with a little bitter taste in the mouth for the opportunity only partially exploited. 
The third home draw in 9 games for the Bianconeri. Great merit of the negative result is , however, in part, in my opinion, given to the opponents: Cagliari, while with the fault that do not shine particularly in the last 20 meters, play a organized and courageous game, refuse to be locked and attacking in ultra offensive pressure Juventus. With good results, and a huge level of performance from a dynamic point of view. As usual, and how Antonio Conte wants, the Bianconeri face, without looking for shortcuts, the pressure of Cagliari, trying always to avoid it by playing the ball in any area of ​​the field. And with discrete frequency and brightness are able escape the pressing of the guests. 
What we really need is more decision, evaded the pressure, to attack the created spaces . Within a good first time what it shows is a lack of aggressiveness in the second goal of the research. At the beginning of the second half the goal by Cossu changes the tactical framework of the match, shifting the emphasis of the game 20 yards forward to the midfield of Cagliari. The Sardinians, very little dangerous in the first half, after goal from Cossu do not shot in goal, but Juve is not at all dangerous with sufficient continuity due to a deficit reading of the tactical disappeared in the field. The maneuver is focused excessively, accomplice Antonio Conte’s changes that ultimately takes the two external players, Pepeand Vucinic, replacing them with a Krasic completely negative and Del Piero with stoned game times and excessive tendency to centralize. 
Perhaps for the first time the feeling is that the coach (also for the absence of the precious, in the tactical context of second half, of Quagliarella and Giaccherini)is looking for a “short cut” to reach the goal: and maybe some free kick originated and finalized by Del Piero, the long ball for Borriello. But, in my opinion, the shortcuts do not work for this Juve. The game in the obsessive and patient movement of the ball are the weapons of Juventus. Weapons that can give rise the jewel of the first goal. Arms on which to trust whatever, given the excellent results obtained. Also in the match against Cagliari. I am not here to cite the record in the standings or the unbeaten record; limiting ourselves to the game against the Ballardini’s men, and pointing out what in my opinion was an excellent performance of the Sardinians, one can hardly claim to have seen a bad Juve. Far from it. The phase of possession in the first half was excellent and the non-ball possesion has given a quiet afternoon to Buffon. 
The strength of the team is also evidenced by the fact that the deterioration in the quality of ball possession as a result of the goal received, did not affect the effectiveness of the non-ball phase reduced to zero shots on goal after goal from Cagliari. The real defects of Juve against Cagliari instead should be sought in the aforementioned lack of determination to seek the vertical and then the second goal in the first half, in many actions in which Juve has eluded the ultraoffensive pressing of Cagliari and the lack of clarity in search of the goal of the lead after the draw of the Sardinians. Defects, in my opinion, are more psychological than technical-tactical. One option to consider, more than a drop in athletic, may be to some mental fatigue, originated from the combination of four months played at all (the famous 120% of Conte) with the knowledge that we can really fight for the championship . It ‘s still only a hypothesis, it is very difficult to assess from afar, aspects of this kind within a team.
source: ; by: Fabio Barcellona
adapted by: Mike Prise