DEFENSIVE PHASE The common idea is this: Monaco is a compact, solid team, departments are tight. And it is a view that is based on the numbers. One looks at the goals conceded in Ligue 1 and the Champions League, he realizes that the Monegasque have one of the best continental defenses and thus comes to the conclusion: difficult to score them goals. The field, however, seems to indicate another. We take the data in Europe: the team of Jardim grants 13.6 opponents conclusions per game, 3.6 shots rejected. Make a large number of contrasts and intercepted passages- and this might actually think that the tactics is functional – but are data that should be read in light of a possession the lowest in Europe (42.4%). That is: the ball has it the other, you defend yourself, the numbers are purely defensive consequently higher.

Jardim prefers to deploy the team with 442 during the non-possession. Moutinho and striker ahead, the wingers are lowered on the line of midfielders. The strategy is usually clear: given that we are not properly phenomena in defense to cover the depth, we remain a bit lower. The attitude is at odds with the aggressiveness of the players. If you want to exert pressure with the whole team should be short and to accompany the action. But no. The defensive block is lower, but like this it is not complicated to unlock the device. At the back,on the sides of the line of midfielders there are inviting openings for opponents.

Fill that space with more players, thus providing greater number of lines of vertical pass, allows forhave more forwards to try to sink the shot. Toulalan and Kondogbia are often attracted to the ball by the opponents and without provide themselves with adequate coverage. The captain, then, is struggling to cover large portions of the field, while the young “colleague” recovers thanks to overflowing physical strength. And the wingers? Are more forwards that wings, then the defensive phase is a bit ‘distracted. They can not always be mentally focused and responsive, as well as being unripe in these fundamentals. The same can be said of the full-backs: Kurzawa and Fabinho, as mentioned not always helped by fellow ahead, they also tend not to maintain the position and come into difficulties in overlapping and triangulations.

The central pair is very strong physically and excels in the air: hard to think of scoring them goal with a header. The Monaco has always granted, and also very, to the strongest teams: Arsenal has not passed the turn because has let down a lot of scoring chances with a Giroud unfortunate at the Emirates.

OFFENSIVE PHASE No game position. Football practical, scholastic, simple. Soporific? Even. Boring? Sure. The output of the ball by the defense involves the two central defenders and the pair of the median. Moutinho can fall and he does especially when he sees his companions in distress. The full backs have the function of support: receive the ball, the return and raise the position. Jardim delegating them inamplitude. Kurzawa and Fabinho play high and wide. They have not done in the game of London and it is possible that such an attitude will be adopted in Turin. The output of the ball however it is slow and cumbersome. The Saint Etienne has pressed too easily closing marking the points of support: it was not so complicated to retrieve the ball and point the goal immediately.

If pressed, then, for the Monegasque matters only the substance : long balls, even full-backs, to seek Sutomore of the striker or fishing in the wingers spaces. Berbatov is a player technically exquisite: the first touch is elegant. His class is in service of the team: he is the boa to lean on. He is not a center forward of area and his continuous move often empties the penalty area.

To the midfielders is asked a vertical game: Toulalan makes little mistakes, but risks less while Kondogbia manages to pick up the pace thanks to his physical strength and technique. Moutinho is the accelerator of the maneuver. An elegant player, but used to playing below rhythm. The ball possession measured instrument is purely defensive: I’ll keep the ball so you do not have it and then I manage the speed of the match. The wingers often cut toward the center – Carrasco tends to do better – while Martial, who can also play center forward, submits his ease of progression with the ball at feet. The Monaco makes 8.6 shots per game (only the worse than them Apoel) and has a rate of realization in steps quite low, 74.1%, denoting the difficulties in creating if pressed and inthe search for the longball.

TRANSITION The counterattack. Arsenal have tasted the preferred weapon of Jardim. The Gunners, well, the Monegasque have helped by being found literally unprepared. Difficult to defend worse. The Monaco has shown the ability to tilt the front of attack in a few taps. The play in vertical of the midfielders work when they can retrieve the ball aggressively to then launch the wingers in the spaces.

The defensive transition is not always on time. Raising both full backs puts at risk that diminish with the skill of the team in moving the ball without losing possession. When Monaco loses the ball centrally for opponents is not complicated to seek the play on the outside and point in the open goal. The tendency to keep the defensive line low does not allow those markings and covers preventive measures to prevent effective offensive transitions.

CONCLUSIONS Jardim is doing a good job in Monaco. The young people found a regular space and have a chance to mature in a quiet environment. Would grow more in a structure of play more offensive, based on the technique and ball possession. The difficulty in creating scoring chances lately has slowed the run in Ligue 1, a league in which the Monegasque manage to hide the weaknesses of rivals for liability. It ‘sa good formation, but significantly lower than  Juventus. Difficult to imagine that the formation of Allegri can make the mistake of believing already being in the semifinals. The occasion for the passage of round is tempting and inviting, the possibility to extend the journey in Europe exists.

Juventus will have to handle the ball carefully and rationally: alternating directionality of the steps, continue to move the opponents to find the gap. Monaco has nothing to lose, will try to hit on the break and rely on the initiatives of individual still trusting in the good fortune that smiled in the games with Arsenal. The ability to simplify the reality of Jardim however, is likely to result in a football extremely functional and simplistic: it will be the best way to get results immediately, less for the overall growth of the players.

adapted an article of Davide Terruzzi