Change in the defense department for Juventus that moves Chiellini in the middle instead of Bonucci and De Ceglie confirms in the role of left back. For the rest, formation type for Antonio Conte. 
 Atalanta sided with the eleven planned on the eve: 4-4-2 who sees front of the goalkeeper Consigli the full backs are to the right Raimondi and left Peluso, with Ferri and Manfredini central defenders. External midfielders Schelotto and Bonaventura, central midfielders Cigarini and Padoin. In attack, Moralez plays behind the striker Denis. 
 Match that from the first minutes and up to the goal of the advantage of Lichtsteiner is channeled on tactical tracks very precise with Juventus attacking at full strength and Atalanta, which folds almost entirely in their own half. The choice of Colantuono is to shrink the team on this side of the halfway line and bring as much as possible lines of defense and midfield to clog the spaces. 
The only occasions when Atalanta tries to press above are those of dead-ball in favor of Juventus, in particular when the goal kick. As is evident from the two slides that follow the bergamaschi, like many other teams now, they want to avoid Juventus starting the action with Buffon pressing up all possible receivers. Interesting is the position taken by Pirlo, between the two central defenders of Juve, new solution adopted and not taken in the previous games. On Pirlo comes out strong the central midfielder Padoin.
With the ball to Buffon, as seen from previous slides, De Ceglie is trying to get up a lot trying to give, impeded those short, a long solution to the Juventus goalkeeper. To note that this movement to get up done by the left-back of Juventus with the ball in possession of Buffon has carried out even when the role is occupied by Chiellini: this demonstrates the technical need to give more convenient reference to Buffon for a possible long ball, being for the goalkeeper a launch with the right foot to his right more uncomfortable. Notice in the video that follows the action of Juventus described is born right on track Buffon-De Ceglie.

Except for the pressing on dead-ball situations , Atalanta, as mentioned, gets back fully in their own half, reducing the space between the lines, as can be seen clearly from the two slides that follow.
It should be noted in the second slide as Atalanta try to compact in size and how Juve, in contrast with other performances, attacks simultaneously with both fullbacks, circled in white on the slide. Colantuono does not provide an obsessive marking of Pirlo by mezzapunta Moralez, probably not suitable athletically to the task. Rather, the Argentine tries to downplay the black and white number 21.
The intermittent supply and low quality of Moralez at the stage of non ball posesion of Juventus often gives numerical superiority in the midfield for Juventus with three midfielders against only Padoin and Cigarini, with wingers Schelotto and Bonaventura, as we shall see, forced to remain wide on the Juventus full backs. The offensive hopes of the bergamaschi are answered with the fast counters due to the loss of ball possession of Juventus. Restarts searched continuously, often relying on striker Denis and accompanied on the wings. 

In the video that follows a pattern action of the offensive intentions of Atalanta . 

On the operated action on the contrary, Atalanta develops a quite simple football, made of play on the wings and aimed to serve with a outside cross Denis. In particular it is used on the left wing where Peluso advances continuously and moves toward Moralez who is trying to create numerical superiority.
The dangers for Buffon, however, are rather low, both for the defense transition of Juventus that inhibits or slows in every way the restarts of bergamaschi, either of good evidence in the area of Juventus defense, especially Barzagli and Chiellini, who acrobatic oncedes nothing to the danger Denis . In the video below we see a fine example of defense transition of Juventus which never flinches on the good ball possession of Atalanta, to force the hosts to the long ball.

On the other side of the field Juve takes the ball since the start kick of game. Against a closed defense and rather narrow lines, Juventus played their football made ​​of coordinated movements without the ball, research of spaces, circulation ball on the ground just waiting for the gates to sink. 

A fine example of Juventus operation is shown in the video below. 
In action will show some trends of Juventus offensive play in the match: Pirlo starts action , once again lowest among the central defenders to receive from Buffon. In specific occasion, Vidal has the space to distance himself from the lines with a precise cut behind the couple Cigarini-Padoin: is known then the outer cut of Vucinic in perfect time with the one of Vidal, allowing the Chilean first-serve Montenegrin thus opening space for the insertion of the Juventus number 14.

We have already mentioned how, unlike other games, Juve attack consistently with both full-backs, trying to open in amplitude as possible the defense of Atalanta. In the following three slides we see, circled in white, Lichtsteiner and De Ceglie in support of offensive maneuver. The defensive line of Atalanta remains close and in particular we see in the yellow circle, as Raimondi follows the deep internal cuts of Vucinic. For these reasons, as we see, Schelotto and Bonaventura are forced to fall back very deeply with negative consequences of orobica for the effectiveness restarts.
Juventus plays a first half at high intensity and brilliance, in which, in spite of the cautious tactical and all in all a good test of Atalanta is able to conclude to goal 12 times, also hitting the woodwork twice. Very positive in particular the first 12 minutes, in which Juve can conclude to goal for 5 times and the last 15, with 7 shots towards the goal of Consigli, at a rate of about one shot every two minutes. 

The second half begins along the lines of the first, but the change of Marchisio with Giaccherini gives positive effects on the operation of Juventus, both in terms of dynamism and purely tactical. Giaccherini, lined up before the entrance to Marrone in the role of left mezzala, plays that role with a greater momentum than that fielded by Marchisio for the first half and increasing the mobility of the Juventus attack. In the video below we see an action brought by Giaccherini from his own towards the penalty area of Atalanta.

In the next video we see instead a track played by Giaccherini, never played by Marchisio in the first half: with a ball to Vucinic, the former Cesena opens deep on the left. Action shows the movement of Giaccherini, who receives the ball from Vucinic, is followed by Cigarini. The trace of newly entered black and white allows to create a 1 on 1 in band and broadening the midfield of Atalanta. 

The inner-outer cut of Giaccherini is often absorbed, instead than an central midfielder, by the right central defender Ferri, thus expanding the Atalanta defensive line.

This will be the decisive at the goal of Lichtsteiner. As shown in the following series of slides at the beginning of action Ferri is once again very wide to follow a cut out of Giaccherini. The ball reaches Pirlo and, at the center of area the left-back Peluso, with Ferri off, is forced to stand in the center position on Pepe and can not control the movement behind Bonaventura of Lichtsteiner.
The goal opens space to Juventus restarts which finds much field to maneuver, and succeed with good gloss. Atalanta tries to give trouble to Juventus with play on the wings, but as mentioned, in the central defense Denis is superbly controlled by the black and white rearguard, very precise and careful on crosses towards the penalty area,true offensive weapon of the hometeam. Juve never gives the impression to be put on the spot by Atalanta and often creates opportunities for doubling. Pepe’s injury is managed by Conte moving Giaccherini in right-winger role and inserting Marrone in place of left mezzala. 

The newly entered, virtually at debut in the league, churns out a beautiful assist on the occasion of the doubling of Juventus and shows his qualities in excellent handling of the ball and a valuable one-two with Matri in the heart of Atalanta area ended with a shot deflected for a corner by Consigli. In the video below shows the goal of Giaccherini, a tribute to the two newly-entered, but, also, as seen at the beginning of action, to the work of the team, exemplified by occasion of Alessandro Matri , ten minutes from the term sacrifices himself under pressure on Manfredini, propitiating the wrong shot from the central of Bergamo, recovered from Vucinic.

Juve finished the match in peace fielding the defense to 5 with Bonucci in between Barzagli and Chiellini. 
 A good Juventus. Until the goal of the advantage, especially against a team athletically careful and very much alive, the offensive phase of Juventus was able to generate 14 shots (almost all particularly dangerous) in 54 minutes of play against a defense that at home, before this game, gave 12 shots on goal to the opponents throughout the match. Brilliant and intense the Juventus maneuvering which uses various tactical expedients proposed by Conte to face Atalanta. In particular, is used the presence in the field of De Ceglie on the band that pushes continuously and simultaneously with Lichtsteiner. The decision expands the midfield of Atalanta that by choosing to keep the full backs Raimondi and Peluso close , is forced to lower a lot Schelotto and Bonaventura, making them unavailable to collaborate in the middle with Padoin and Cigarini. The space created in the middle of the field allows good operation to the trio of Vidal-Pirlo-Marchisio and cuts of Mirko Vucinic. 
In addition to the position are forced the offensive wingers of Atalanta makes them of little use in restarts, lowering a lot the center of gravity of the team and making difficult the expected counterattack. To complicate plans for fast restart is the excellent defensive transition of Juventus. Ultimately, the move with De Ceglie requires the Atalanta to lower and widen the meshof midfield and allows Juventus to keep very far from the goal Schelotto, an offensive weapon of the home team. Inside the penalty area beside the presence of Chiellini is particularly important to counter the excellent skills in acrobatics of Denis. A clear example of what our coach said to adapt the formation and tactics to the characteristics of the adversaries: Schelotto away from hot spots and neutralized Denis, most of the offensive potential dell’Atalanta are canceled. Another small adjustment of Juventus is in the position at the begin action of Pirlo, and often lower than usual between the two central defenders, using the space in amplitude created by the high position of De Ceglie and consequent possibility of opening of the central left, Chiellini. 
The entry of Giaccherini anf the new tracks played by ex-Cesena further increase the danger of Juventus. The outward movement of the newly entered open spaces expanding the home defense and prove to be decisive at the goal of the benefit. In addition Giaccherini gives more dynamic to maneuver than is provided in the first half by Marchisio. After the goal of advantage, Juventus controls the game with skill, with the center of the area well-guarded by Bonucci and Barzagli that defuse Denis, offensive end of all operations of Atalanta. On the other side Juve played well restarts, choose wisely when accelerating and when to handle the ball, until reach to the beautiful goal of 2-0. As mentioned Juventus was really good. With good performances by all players, except perhaps Marchisio and for a special mention for Marrone and Giaccherini. At this point we have faced all . And none beat us. And we have more points than anyone else. And we play really well. We go on like this.
source:; by: Fabio Barcellona
adapted by: Mike Prise