In front of him only Alessandro Del Piero. Alessio Tacchinardi is the second player in the history of Juventus for the presence in international competitions (93 for the midfielder, 130 for the attacker). Always a fan of the team with which he played from 1994 to 2005, the midfielder with Juventus also won the Champions League in 1995-96.

Tacchinardi, define the juventinismo?
“One thing that gets the fans, the team and the company, and makes them a united bloc against everything and everyone. It is expressed in the desire to win always, to be the strongest knowing of receiving any hatred from any other external element to the world Juve. A hatred that feeds the hunger for victory, and that makes our success even more beautiful. Conte is perfectly right: on the one hand there are Juventus fans, on the other all the rest. Before becoming a Juventus player I was a simple fan, inside the dressing room I understood better the meaning of Juve. At first I did not understand the faces of my teammates when we were drawing a game, I told myself that in the end we made ​​a point. Then I realized that if you play for Juve, the draw is tantamount to a defeat. It counts only the success, just as the saying of Boniperti. “

And the anti-juventinismo what is it?
“The constant criticism. The envy toward the strongest. When other teams will change mentalities, can solve the sense of inferiority compared to Juventus. By stopping to think that we win because of the alleged aid. If anything, the triumphs arrive because each component is perfect. City included. In Turin, when you go out and go to the restaurant, people do not come to greet you, they let you live. This, for a professional, is very important. Crucially, then, is the fact that the company is back in the hands of an Agnelli. With the management Cobolli Gigli-Blanc Juventus identity was being lost. “