The news of Alex Del Piero at Juventus farewell at the end of the season upset the fans. Fans were disappointed by the announcement from this morning of Andrea Agnelli on our “Lingotto”, so has interviewed one of the best friends and former midfielder historical champion of the Old Lady, Alessio Tacchinardi.
 Alessio, how are you going through the news of Del Piero farewell at the end of season? 
“I’m honest: I did not expect at all a news like that. I cry my heart out not to see Alex in black and white …”.
How do you judge the timing of the news? 
“Claims of Andrea Agnelli were avoidable, especially in this time of the season. I would’ve wait another moment to make the announcement. For now, considering the record in the standings, could stall.”
You would’ve kept him another June? 
“Definitely yes. Although sipped a champion like Del Piero would have kept until he had decided to stop and hang his boots.”
You who know him well how he had lived it … 
“I tell you how I experienced it: it was a cold shower. I wanted to see him again in the Champions League with Juventus, to bad.”
About your former colleagues: Conte is doing very well … 
“Antonio is a very intelligent man and is making the most of the players at his disposal. The results we are getting are not a surprise.”
On a tactical level the new module is extolling the midfielders … 
“Conte has understood the needs of the team that under certain challenges requires more of a midfielder to make the team more compact even if seeing Marchisio top scorer of Juventus is strange …”.
Do not we risk becoming not so sharp in attack? 
“In away I think even a draw can fit as happened in Verona. Instead if we are at home I agree that we should be bolder.”
 Did you expect that Conte would’ve become a great coach? 
“Antonio was charismatic as a player then had a great passion for the tactic. But I knew he would become a coach for great team, when I challenged him in B in Brescia and Bari where Bari outclassed us in terms of the game.”
What is the best quality of Conte the coach? 
“Conte has reported self-esteem in the group, but especially the Juventinita and sense of belonging that only the former Juventus players have ingrained in their DNA.”
 This Juventus can last at the top until May? 
“I hope so heartily. To do this, the recipe is to go up until May. For this Conte is ideal for keeping up to the threshold of attention.”
 Among the rivals who is stronger? 
“Today I do not see other top teams better, so Juve can gamble until the end.”