It was not enough the great euphoria marked by repeated massive crowds of Juventus 2011 (good thing, since the last shine), considering the load consists of ninety’s trumpeted by the media (Corriere dello Sport in head, Tuttosport to follow and occasionally Gazzetta) maybe should have been the case that the inauguration of new season at Villar Perosa was accompanied by less triumphant tones, so as not to find ourselves then at the usual year-end telling eachother about dreams under the umbrella … and the rest, as you know, is crystallized in a known song.

Very noticeable in this sense, the repeated references to the importance of the work of Antonio Conte, of sacrifice, the factual reality of things: we’re trying to rebuild a house, from solid foundations, and not cartilaginous as in the past. Clear ideas, daily application, the recovery of a lost discipline for years of “free rein”, empowerment to the “senators”, strong imprinting in club’s press releases of her members.

John Elkann or Andrea Agnelli can also indulge in claims, followed closely by Marotta who can say that he had not brought any top player in Turin (except Pirlo) but at least he did stock up with good players. But they should not try to raise a smokescreen to hide the flaws that still inevitably there are: the team is still incomplete and far from direct competitors. This Antonio Conte knows very well this and repeated: inevitably, being the flag and be the absolute protagonist of this new year gives him a liability multiplied by a thousand. To him and to his players, the burden of being able to withstand the sea at times when, inevitably, will swell. In the meantime, we have to avoid creating false expectations, please.

by:Nicol Pozzi
adapetd by: Mike Prise