I am running out of EPL… who wants me?

Suarez to Juve? A month ago we launched as an indiscretion, as an idea, a possibility. We were among the earliest and many had taken us for fools. Today, not anymore and what seemed like a folly, could become a negotiation. The road will be long, as usual, and we can go in only three moves in our opinion. 

First move: go to Liverpool and take advantage of good relationship with the Reds, born with the Aquilani deal. In short, to convince the Reds that a figure of about 20 million pounds can be fair. 

Second move: exploit the work of Daniel Fonseca as an intermediary in negotiations to open a front with the player. Luis Suarez had already been close to Juventus at the time of Ajax and we know that would not refuse to change the league and especially come in Italy. 

Third move: press the player. Through Caceres, we can open a emotional front towards the player, using the same sensitivity to the new and exciting Juventus project, a revival project for Suarez, after the difficulties encountered in Liverpool. 

The road has to be opened now, however, the competition is great and Real Madrid has already moved. 

source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise