What? Juve are U serious? Is Beppe ready to come up with a serious offer? 
TURIN – The last in chronological order to attack the delicious morsel was Talksport, the web site extremely Followed in England “Juve has prepared 30 million to buy Suarez or Van Persie.” In the weeks before the issue had already spoken at length by the tabloids in London. That triggers an obvious question: what’s cooking? Whether we are discussing the future of Dutch is not surprising since the renewal with Arsenal does not arrive, forcing the Gunners to contemplate the sale in order not to lose their ace at parameter zero in 12 months. 

The constant rumors on the imminent divorce between Liverpool and their Prince bomber leave instead prohibitions, whereas marriage was on stage just a year ago. The investment has since been conspicuous for the Anfield club: 26.5 million plus bonuses paid into the coffers of Ajax. Yet the voices alternate and in England, as everywhere else in the world, this usually means one thing: someone (well-informed on the facts) has spoken. 

source: tuttosport.com 
adapted by: Mike Prise