Hell, I am running away from England! They f***ing Hate me!
We were among the first to propose the name of Luis Suarez for next season as a great opportunity in the market and from yesterday many sites approach Suarez to Italian teams. Why do we offer him? Simple, because we know the value of the player having seen him many times at work in Ajax, Liverpool and the Uruguayan national and what you are seeing is not the real Luis Suarez, even if scored in the last match. 

His value is much larger and his serenity is now undermined by the media who have attacked and are attacking him. Allow us, Luis Suarez would be a blow “alla Moggi,” a despised player in England to be revived. How? Easy, with black and white style that allows players to come to Turin, and once again become the protagonists in the field with their accomplishments and not for other reasons. 

We all remember the case of Mutu, was cornered at Chelsea and relaunched as a protagonist in Torino. The Uruguayan would also have an important ally in Martin Caceres that has just arrived in Turin. Daniel Fonseca, could act as an intermediary and the player would not refuse the black and white chance. The problem is with the public and the convenience of the transaction. 

How much is damaging the image for a player like that? It can be recovered? Fans by reading the comments are divided because sure Suarez has proven not to be sporty, but he is also a major player in the national team has done better than Forlan and Cavani lately. Besides, if one of the biggest teams in the world, Real, wants Suarez, a reason there is or not? Will he be a ​​Galactico? 

source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise