ROME, Aug. 2, 2012 – Does not leave the process on betting, Antonio Conte. Can not do it because the agreement reached by the technician of Juve and federal prosecutor Stefano Palazzi has not passed the examination of the Disciplinary Committee: three months plus 200 000 euro fine were not considered “reasonable” by the court, and now, it opens a new game. Long, full of pitfalls at times nervous has been the audience in the biggest courtroom of the former Youth Hostel, at the foot of the hill of Monte Mario.

The rejection of the Disciplinary of the proposed settlement for the Juventus coach came after a closed session where there have not been staged rifts between the five members of the Committee: unanimous (or nearly), the judges considered too light a disqualification of less than one hundred days for a coach on trial for double omitted complaint. To play alongside the ball gowns of the jurisprudence of the past, but also recent cases as of yesterday relating to the former goalkeeping coach Marco Savorani of Siena and the Tuscan club’s former fitness coach, Giorgio D’Urbano, collaborators of Conte in Sienese times: both are able to negotiate a penalty of five months and 15 days after redrafted their agreement with the prosecutor and both were on trial on charges of repeated omitted complaint.

The new challenge of Conte started already in the night. Just returned from Geneva, the technician champion of Italy has closed in conclave with the leaders of Juve, his lawyers, Pavel Nedved: on the table the terms of the new agreement possible with Palazzi to be presented to the court this morning at the reopening of the trial Rome. Conte, already against the idea of plea bargain earlier seems to be even more now that the agreement on three months of inactivity before the Disciplinary has collapsed, but those nearby remains convinced that trying a new agreement is the best way to go. On what basis? The equilibrium point for the court could be a disqualification, through plea bargaining, of five or six months. The defense of the technician, at the end of his night evaluations, could leave for Rome with a willingness that the agreement does not exceed more than four months plus a significant economic penalty.

The match into extra time: lunchtime today the fate of the case of Conte is known. The long and nervous before audience of the second trial on betting of this summer is experienced in a short circuit of requests, motions, plea bargains, failed and proposed with success like that of Siena. In between, Conte’s lawyers first outflanked, then to attack: not just rejected the agreement between the technician and the prosecution, lawyers asked the Juventus coach have asked the deletion of the position of Conte and his deputy, Angelo Alessio and the disqualification member of the bench also advancing the idea of sending the documents to the Magistrates of the ball, the Guarantee Commission for violating the right to impartiality.

Result? Instances rejected and the process that never stops. Conte remains in the trial. Palazzi, in an unusual way, at the end of his indictment yesterday afternoon did not make his demands for punishment for the coach of Juve and his deputy Alessio, a way to leave the door open to a new tentative agreement heavier for the Juventus commander. It will get the green light of the Disciplinary? The point of equilibrium of judges and that of Conte at the time is not the same: to divide them is still at least a month.

source: La Stampa (by Guglielmo Buccheri)

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