Continues the hunt for top player at Juventus. One of the most popular is that of Luis Suarez, the Liverpool striker. In the halls of the Milan Wyscout Forum was also present the observers head of the Reds namely Steve Hitchen. We interviewed him to learn more about the situation. 

In Italy we talk about Suarez towards Juve: how things really stand? 
“The situation is different than they write in Italy. No offers for Luis Suarez came from any club and especially from Juventus.” 

What is the value of the Uruguayan? 
“You can not do an assessment, as Luis Suarez is not for sale. You are the ones who write in Italy these things. I want to be clear with you: we do not want to sell Suarez. Luis is our best player and will remain with us the next year.” 

Instead, Milos Krasic may be your goal? 
“Krasic has been offered through his agent in recent months. Milos is a great player but we didn’t need him in January.” 

source:; by:Nicolò Schira 
adapted by: Mike Prise