Birth date: 16 January 1984
Born in: Adligenswil (Svi)
Nationality: Swiss
Status:  EU
Role: Right full-back
Former club: Lazio
Premise: for the realization of this profile there was entrusted a obviously limited games viewed. The images are taken from the game of last season against Juventus (Turin). For reasons of space, moreover, were not included in-depth biographical notes, however, it is easily available elsewhere on the web.
Lichtsteiner is an offensive right full-back who argues in defense phase but conveys the best at the repertoire when his team is in possession of the ball, thanks to his ease of running and his speed is often an attacker covering the entire lane in both attack and defense, more often coming down to the bottom. Is one of the best at doing crosses (as well as compatriot Ziegler, who Juventus also bought) for accuracy and frequency of our league.
The Lazio 2010/11 has based much of his offensive game on the simultaneous presence of three key players in the field: Ledesma, Hernanes and Lichtsteiner. The first, classic regista, very skilled in vertical solutions, often fell back into defensive midfield to take the ball directly from the defenders and set up the game; fundamental, then, was just the movement of the fullback, who immediately went up (although well over half the field , so always very “aggressive”), always offering a preferential lane passage. Not only: when he could not receive directly on the race, he did it outside right after the playmaker of the team, usually just Hernanes, was retreating from side to give him space.


The following two graphic examples: the first is possible to see how high Lichtsteiner was playing last year, virtually as a added midfielder .
As you can see, being always so high made possible, among other things, to carry off a defender from Hernanes (in blue), free to receive the ball.
In the second example, similar, Hernanes receives the ball with back to the goal (house specialty), checks out the ball perfectly, overcoming the defender (another specialty of the house) and serves Lichsteiner, firmly forward and offered freedom to cross from the bottom (specialty the house, even in this case).
In short Lichsteiner was “fixed” option to Ledesma, not merely to help the regista to expand horizontally dispatching the ball, like so many other full-backs (especially of the Series A), but continuing to move forward aggressively to the bottom, if possible and dictating always a vertical passing line through direct or indirect (through playmaker who moves back to receive the ball and he serves).
In the last example chart, not a schema, you can see once again how the player has been aggressive, with Reja, to attack spaces. See how he turn a throw-in into a cross from the bottom.
In the Juventus that is now arising Lichtsteiner will find a regista even stronger and more complete that Ledesma, Andrea Pirlo. What he will not find, however, is an atypical playmaker who likes to start off wide on the right and to get back to take the ball, rather than getting into center and cut inside. The characteristics of Krasic are in fact those of real wing, who plays wide, calling for the ball at his feet, which comes at the bottom to cross or converge inside by jumping at speed the defender.
It is the presence of the Serbian that could paradoxically be a “brake” for bucking the Lichtsteiner (Hernanes concentrating more and left him free the right lane) but, at the same time, if well designed, could offer an option for the former CSKA Moscow player that last year, has rarely been available (Motta in the first part of the season drove a lot, then he was eclipsed; Grygera and Sorensen because of their features never did), varying his game and making it potentially lethal to opponents.
“School” discourse as those made so far: the 442 (or 424) shown so far by Antonio Conte in Bari and Siena, Lichtsteiner does not seem ideal, being especially effective in his continuous bucking and overlapping. As usual, however, does not mean that the new Juventus will play as the teams of the former Leccese technical, then the rating you should necessarily stop waiting to see a semi-final training engaged in pre-season.
In Switzerland national team of Ottmar Hitzfield, Stephan usually plays as a right-back in 4231 with Inler and Behrami central midfielders and the trio formed by Xhaka, Shakira and Barnetta behind the ram Derdiyok. Play more blocked than to Lazio, since Switzerland has not a regista like Ledesma capable of vertical and very trusting plays, for the construction of the game, for the offensive quartet.
Given the slowness of the two central defenders (Senderos and Djourou) and their skills in head plays, Lichtsteiner, however, plays a key role acting as the last defender de facto during and offensive free-kicks and corner of Switzerland, to cover the widest area of ​​the field thanks to his speed and avoid dangerous counterattacks. Role, this, is very tricky in the patterns of Hitzfield and therefore denotes the confidence of the coach.
No doubt, also because of the decline in performance in the vertical of Maicon, Stephan was the last season, the higher yield offensive right-back of the whole Serie A therefore, beyond the economic discourse related to the expenditure for his card, it was a “colpo” for all purposes. Just to agree: Juventus have purchased an enormous potential upgrade than Grygera and Motta, and Lazio have sold 20 times as much (praise for them) a player paid a little over 500 000 euros.
It is not clear that with this type of transfers Marotta can aspire to tear the palm of a better market operator (because buying of to almost the cost of selling clause the best full-back last season’s should not be difficult …. Just sign the check ) but, thinking only in terms of technical and tactical, the acquisition of the Swiss, especially if coupled with that of his compatriot Ziegler, completely changes the face of the team, which for the first time (quite a few) years has found with a real regista (Pirlo) and two full-backs of big race.
by: Antonio Corsa
adapted by: Mike Prise