Good?…Bad?…the 3 of Us were and still are the starting 3 in Juve’s attack
I started comparing everything to the actual ninety minutes. Dividing the minutes for 90. So all the data is “for actual game.” 

The needle in our balance, a mixed blessing, seems to be Mirko Vucinic. Player of extraordinary talent, but often-unfortunately-reveals the obvious limits of concreteness in front of goal. 

The data cover the following parameters (I repeat, to match actual data of 90 minutes) 

Goals, shots, shots in the goal, assists, cross 

We start from the most important parameter: 
the goals 

goals pe game: 0,19 
% from the total goals of striker (goals per game/(sum goals of vucinic+pepe+matri): 17,32% 
% shots on goal/goals: 13,33% 
% shots on goal/total shots: 39,47% 
% goals/total shots: 5,26% 
shots on goal per game: 1,46 
total shots per game: 3,69 

goals pe game: 0,31 
% from the total goals of striker (goals per game/ (sum goals of vucinic+pepe+matri):  28,01% 
% shots on goal/goals: 35,71% 
% shots on goal/total shots: 36,84% 
% goals/total shots: 13,16% 
shots on goal per game: 0,88 
total shots per game: 2,39 

goals pe game: 0,61 
% from the total goals of strikers (goals per game/(sum goals of vucinic+pepe+matri) : 54,67% 
% shots on goal/goals: 41,18% 
% shots on goal/total shots: 44,74% 
% goals/total shots: 18,42% 
shots on goal per game: 1,49 
total shots per game: 3,33 

Now we turn to the crosses and assists

assists per game: 0,29 
% from total of strikers (assists/sum assists of vucinic-pepe-matri): 42,87% 
crosses per game: 1,17 
% from total cross of strikers 13,52% 

assists per game: 0,13 
% from total of strikers (assists/sum assists of vucinic-pepe-matri):18,48% 
crosses per game: 5,97 
% from total cross of strikers: 69,21% 

assists per game: 0,26 
% from total of strikers (assists/sum assists of vucinic-pepe-matri):38,65% 
crosses per game: 1,49 
% from total cross of strikers: 17,27% 

Some considerations that I would do is crossing a little parameters … 

The first is of tactical nature of the position of the three attackers … 
Given the composition of shots in the goal per game(ratio of close up shots and / or central position) and of cross per game seems obvious to me that: 

1) Pepe is the true winger of the trident (the number of crosses which represent almost 70% – although in fact included in this calculation are also the corners taken by Pepe

2) Vucinic tends to play a lot inside (less crosses then Matri who starts from the center!) and is not prone to movement on the outside (This is his position-as well as his indisputable technical – advantage the deadly one-two with Marchisio who plays on his own side not by chance, but certainly penalizes Matri … which is deficient in close trade- goal of Marchisio with the M***A -and would prefer that Vucinic expand a little more to relieve little more from his movements on the outside) 

3) Matri is the central striker of great movement. I assure you- having a bit of data of the classic strikers on hand- Matri is one of those that goes more on hand lanes to create space for insertion of midfielders. Emblematic the fact that almost crossed 1.49 times per game, the same number of shots in the goal. 

The second consideration is more of a change that needs to be done… 

Vucinic has to grow-and much-from the realization point of view. His shooting percentage achieved shots on goal/ goals scored(13.33%) and total shots /goals scored (5.26%) are not even BY DISTANCE comparable to his high TECHNICAL LEVEL. The numbers show that despite QUANTITATIVE Matri and Pepe work harder for the team, remain MOST DEFINITELY COLDER IN FRONT OF THE GOAL. 

With the percentage achieved by Pepe (shots on goal / goals scored 35.71%) had an average of 0.52 goals per game. Or when compared to total shots of Pepe (13.16%) had an average of 0.48 goals per game . 

In the “big bucks” would take on ten effective games to have 5 goals. And the comparison I’m doing it with Pepe, which is certainly technically inferior and runs more than he does… 

source:; by: superfabietto 
adapted by: Mike Prise