They are the Best of the best in their field… We want to be the same on the Green Field…

The duel between Juventus and AC Milan could not be limited to the field. Crazy competition in the mercato, on the green rectangle and hunting the sponsor. If Milan still has a contract with Fly Emirates, Juventus could present the novelties and new partners for next season. 

According to rumors collected these days, Juventus in the winter trip to Dubai and during the Turin visit of Saud Bin Mohammed A. Al-Thani, son of the Emir of Qatar and big Juventus fan would have layed the groundwork for an important partnership. The Sheikh will organize the World Cup in 2022 and is urging the very society of his country to tie with the Brand Juventus to businesses in his country, first of all, the Qatar Airways, the first company in the world for the convenience and value perceived by customers. 

There are already some who dream of a Heaven challenge between Fly Emirates and Qatar Airways. The partnership can extend from tour and friendly, until to true sponsorships, including one plant that has not yet found the company for “naming rights”, namely the opportunity to give their names to the stadium. The wait will be short with Champions League may come soon new and munificent sponsors, already within one to two months. 

source:; by: Masssimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise