Eight days ago, Antonio Conte to specific question answered in this way: “Glad for the transfer market? For now, yes. We did what we planned. Now we need to complete the rose. Who do I choose between Llorente and Dzeko? There harmony with Marotta The top player must not only be for the cost. Someone will come.” 
Eight days ago Antonio Conte was confident, someone will come. Among the fans, for three days, less than three days (in fact), the closure of the market begins to weave a certain discontent, not so much because the team is not valid, but because the offensive gap is evident in all four attackers are objectively too few, as evidenced by the away match in Udine where they will be only three plus Boakye, not ready for the category. 
In short, someone will come said the coach, let us trust in Conte he certainly has the pulse clear, clear, definite and safe of the team, of the rose and situations to be in, if he was calm eight days ago, we, the fans may be also, the rest Conte has always been the security of this team, all purchases were endorsed by him and coordination with the company has always been total. 
Lets have faith, “someone will come …” 

 source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan

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