During the long conversation with the journalist of Gazzetta dello Sport Giovan Battista Olivero, Arturo Vidal has received a beautiful message from Alessandro Del Piero. The colleague of the pink newspaper tells this morning on columns of his newspaper, the curious episode:

“The message arrives during the interview, on our phone. Being a surprise, he could not get on that of Vidal, but the recipient of the message is really him. We interrupt the interview, which is never done. Arturo is amazed, but observes the scene. The sender’s name on the display: Alessandro Del Piero:

“Dear Arturo I read the words that you wanted to reserve at the time of signing the renewal of your contract with Juventus and I thank you. You know, I think it doesn’t matter the number of the shirt, but how you wear it and honor. And you’ve shown you know how to do that. Best of luck! Ale.”

We pass the phone to Arturo, who reads carefully. He is surprised and almost moved by the thought of Del Piero. Then he replies:

“Dear Ale, your words fill me with pride and  give me of course a great pleasure. You have helped build the history of Juventus in the last 20 years and we, today, we are harnessing the legacy and try to work according to what you taught us in the time spent together. “