If we were to choose a tune to indicate this championship, we would use the song by Tullio D’Episcopo “slow pace”. 12 points in six games for the teams head is not a crazy pace. Last year was not much stronger, but the first place had 13 points and the teams were much more distributed. 

 Juve had 4 less, Milan has three points less than last year, Lazio, which was precisely the first two, the Naples only one point less. prescriti is the worse off with seven points lower, while Udinese made ​​the best with 8 more points. If instead we see the Ferrara’s Juventus two years ago, then the data tell us that Juventus was second (14) behind Sampdoria (15) with 1 point win over prescriti(13). Milan was at 8-point (eventually came third) in dead heat of Rome, which eventually disputed the Scudetto with prescriti. 

The numbers confirm that we went strong two years ago, slow last year and even more now with 13 teams gathered at 4 points. Actually you need to win two games to find yourself in the head. For this reason, with Genoa and Fiorentina the games acquire even greater value as bringing forward the two away games with Prescriti and Naples. 

 In any case, the past tells us how the sixth day, the ratings are totally misleading. From now on, things get serious, and everything is still possible, then is totally right Conte when he says that we must work, the rest two years ago, having 14 points at the end did not lead very well. The recipe is to work and win, only so you can build houses that lead to great things. 

 by:Massimo Pavan