According to Sky Sports, the lawyers of Juventus would be willing to seek a plea bargain not only for Antonio Conte, but also for other Bianconeri enrolled referred by federal prosecutors, including Leonardo Bonucci. Here are the rumors, reported to Sky Sport 24 from the satellite broadcaster,  by Francesco Cosatti:

“Plea bargain. This is the way chosen by Juve also for Bonucci, Pepe and collaborators of Antonio Conte, Stellini. After the Juventus coach, the other Bianconeri in the list of suspects choose the plea bargain, the best solution by minor effects, indicated by the lawyers of Juventus, Briamonte and Chiappero. the situation of Bonucci is more delicate: the charge of sport illicit for Udinese and Bari is heavy. the risk of stop is high. a stop that could be prolonged for a long time: as the minimum requirement is three years, but with the plea agreement is hoped to reduce. The ideal for the defense would be “one” year, but the position is complicated and feelings are negative. One year, for the weight of the charges, would be considered a success and would be the best solution to the Bianconeri lawyers. 
 Much less the penalty for Pepe, who after two months could already review the field. For both players would then also fined. a fine strong that Must pay even Antonio Conte. At a hearing on 1 August, the defense of Juventus coach and prosecutor Palazzi will come before the Commission with the plea bargain agreement reached. For Conte an expected stop of three months and – as mentioned – a heavy fine. A month less and also in this case a fine for the vice Angelo Alessio. Conte will not sit on the bench until November, living from the tribune 14 games, including Super Cup in Beijing, the league and Champions League. In his place probably the promotion of technician Primavera Marco Baroni. Conte would have preferred to seek absolution in the courtroom, but has prevailed the line of the  society. A line that was evaluated as the best tool in a process that does not allow large defensive maneuvers. A line that finally convinced even the coach. Updates in the coming hours for Stellini, the employee of field of Juventus coach. Even for him it will work for a plea bargain. ” 


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