The Juventus directors will have a budget for the summer market of about 75-80 million. is the indiscretion collection of  Sky Sports reporter, Paolo Aghemo, which in the evening did a comprehensive analysis of Juventus CDA, which ended shortly before 18.

This is evidenced by the
 We start from the figures, because on this Juventus  will face  the summer market. The capital increase is 120 million. 

At this capital increase is accompanied by a loan, a line of financing by Exor, a holding company which holds the majority of Juventus of 70 million euros. Considering that the 120 million in cash increase will not reach  literally until  November or December, Juventus will draw on these resources, this line of credit of 70 million euros, but to be returned.
So, in fact, Juventus has 120 million euros, but will be advanced by Exor then depending on how the  Juventus company will effectively  use them in the summer marketAssume a budget market: our indiscretions lead to hypothesize a budget of 75-80million euros for the market of Juventus, including the operations already carried outso the repayment of Quagliarella, Matri, Pepe, Motta.

The significant fact, however, is that in fact today it’s received the go-ahead by the property and from the company for the transfer of a top playeron conditions of the market  of course. This means significantly, an engagement which match up to these players. So far, the engagement had been an obstacle to the possibility of continuing negotiations in some cases, such as Carlitos Tevez.

With regard to the preferences of Juventus, at this time in pole position is Aguero. The Bianconeri could also ensure an overlap to the player than what he currently gains at Atletico Madrid  almost 6 million  including prizes  , corresponding to an overlap of 7-8 million euros, thanks to resources from the development plan .

A development plan for five years, so until the season 2015-2016. Juventus, therefore,must support themselves with these resources for five years, obviously hoping to increase it’s revenue is from the new stadium, and from participation in the Champions League. “

by: TuttoJuve adapted by Mike Prise