He came smiling, sunglasses and the air of one who is safe.
Only that security is not what Conte expected from him. The Juventus coach wants to focus on Momo because it has the profile of midfielder serving alongside Pirlo, but the Malian has intentions on the contrary.
Sissoko will leave. Probably for the pre-season training camp with Juventus, but at the first decent offer will pack and say goodbye.
The only intuition of Ranieri, Sissoko has come to Juve in 2008, during the winter transfer market. Team from: Liverpool. Cost of card: 11 million EUR. Difficult to recover, even if payments have been paid in full.Six months for framing, coincided with a final championship layer of Del Piero, Trezeguet (top scorer and vice) and his companions. Substance and quantity, quantity and substance. Race and generosity that have elected him one of crowd favorite. Until last year that they defended him. But then, the arrival of Del Neri, the physical problems and 24 million euros spent on Melo, he has lost seats in the hierarchy of the Bianconeri midfield.Sissoko, therefore, is the kind of player who serves at Juve, but he will leave. To the highest bidder, to Spain or a return France.One down. Then will go Felipe Melo and then Marotta will engage Vidal that, to date, is certainly the culprit for the midfield.

Good luck, Momo!