Simone Zaza “Juve is the best. It would be nice one day to play with the Argentine champion”

TURIN, October 20, 2014 – A goal, a bunch of bucking along the offensive front, and many clinches done with defenders who are not exactly soft Chiellini and Bonucci. Saturday night Simone Zaza has offered a couple of clear explanations: has motivated the continuous convocations from Antonio Conte, and gave a reason to the right of repurchase that Juve has reserved at the time of his transfer  to Sassuolo.

Simone Zaza, now is a constant: you see Juventus, the team that is in his destiny, and you score.
“Yes, but in the locker room I met Marotta and Paratici: they made me the compliments, and I promised them that I will score now also to other teams …”.

So next season you will be a Juventus striker?
“It would be a dream: Juve is the best club in which I could go and play.”

Rightly a goal to the strongest team in Italy should be honored, and you did not pull back.
“Yeah, Scoring to those who have won the last three league titles deserved worthy exultation. And now I am a player of Sassuolo, it was only right to show all my joy in front of the fans. “

Tevez-Zaza: sounds good. Tactically would be an ideal couple: agree?
“Yeah, but for now what can I say. I live this situation in a calm manner, I think to the good of Sassuolo and my teammates are called Berardi, who has 20 years, and Sansone has 23. But I have no problem saying that Juventus is a dream goal, and to emphasize that Tevez is an extraordinary champion. Who would not want to play together. ”

Is there a club where you would play more willingly than to Juve?
“No, if I go away from this wonderful reality that made me known in Serie A and gave me the National team will be to Juventus. While we’re at, and once and for all, I deny categorically that I have claimed to cheer for AC Milan. Write down well, however, that Juve is my goal. “

Considering the team Allegri seen in the second half, did not think that you were close to beat it?
“In fact, in end of the race we could also score goals and win the race. If I had said on the eve would not have believed, but this time we played the perfect match. Our strength has always been the attack, while on some occasions we struggled to interpret, and I mean everyone, including the players, the defensive phase. Against Juventus, and it is a great merit, we played well in every game situation. ”

You have put quality and competitive nastiness. In that regard, but the intervention of Chiellini in the first half would have been time to be sanctioned with the foul or not?
“Chiello touched a little ‘of everything. Put it this way, on that occasion we took the ball as well”

Which is, however, the goal of National team talking?
“First of all I must continue to be called by Conte, at which point I’ll bet the European Championship. It will not be easy, but I have confidence in my ability and I know I can do it. ”

adapted in english an interview from Tuttosport