TURIN – Simone Pepe returns after 396 days. “Let’s hope the curse is over. It ‘s been a long Calvary of a year and half, could not found the way out, but now .. The thigh problem was so severe that there was a relapse, treatment and rehabilitation were followed. I spectator? Yes, very envious, I saw all the games, I’ve seen a team more solid, which prepares the games with it’s head. Remember the bitterness of Istanbul for the field, without wanting to cry, we’re sorry. There were impossible conditions … If you have ten chances in Europe and you do not win matches: yes, we need to improve on this. “

Looking to the future: “To get to the top will serve work and patience, but I hope to get there, perhaps for the final of the Europa League.” The challenge with its Rome for the championship: “The race is open.”
source: tuttosport.com