GENOA, March 13, 2012 – Behind the black and white silence there is a long trail of doubtful arbitration episodes, deep-rooted suspicions: those that Antonio Conte has left to guess about a month ago in Parma, evoking Calciopoli without naming it, for venting an unshared pair of decisions and concluding: “They’re afraid to whistle the penalties in our favor.” 

STATISTICS Indicted the episodes at the Tardini were a foul of Biabany on Giaccherini (penalty unmasked by slow motion) and a questionable knee of Santacroce on Pirlo, but the coach’s complaint went beyond the 90 ‘, retraced a whole season and wielded a uncomfortable statistic, unchanged even now: a single penalty in favor, inexplicable in black and white view in the light of the attacking play and ball possession. The interpretations of Mazzoleni at Parma have overflowed the patience of Conte, because only seven days before Juventus had already complained publicly: zero to zero with Siena lengthened in fact the shadow of the hands of Vergassola in penalty area to a Chiellini’s cross. 

PRESS RELEASE For the first time, for that matter – beyond ordinary small protests or calls for harder pursuit against the tactical fouls to protect the game – the company came out of the closet through Beppe Marotta: “Juve was obviously penalized: we lead and attack forever, but we only had one penalty in our favor. We demand more respect and attention.” Seven days later, the “load” of Conte and of Pavel Nedved “We are tired, I’m not glad – the words of board member -. We the leaders put ourselves in a strange position and we do not know what to say to the players.” Another wheel, Andrea Pirlo, “We do not want pity and gifts: fairness yes, though, and if there is a penalty, even at the last minute, must be whistled.” Not individual outbursts, but a single thought reiterated in a statement the next day: “The Juventus confirms and supports the statement by Conte, Pirlo and Nedved. The company hopes that the equal treatment is pursued and will pursue in each location, is always applied in accordance with the rules of the game of football and sports law and ordinary. “ 

INJUSTICE Is followed after the challenge with Milan, the Muntari’s ghost goal and allegations of Galliani, the big words fly up into the stands and into the tunnel, the non-existent offside which has stopped Matri. And then the second yellow with Chievo for Drame, author of the draw, and even with Bologna the Pulzetti foul on De Ceglie (another penalty refused, from the black and white standpoint of view) and the expulsion of Conte who swears that still did not have said nothing to the fourth man and he did not expect the disqualification. “He has suffered an injustice,” said Angelo Alessio who has replaced on the bench . Now the three episodes of Marassi: the penalties complained about a foul on Matri and for a hand of Sculli in area, Pepe’s goal canceled by an offside decision denied by the pictures, the silence that wants to avoid further controversy but the anger and bitterness  is screaming.

source: Il Corriere dello Sport (by Antonio Barillà) 
adapted by: Mike Prise